Family Health Centers deploys virtual patient care to combat COVID-19

OMAK - Telehealth enables remote care services, allowing for the safe engagement of patients in  their homes and facilitating continued access to healthcare providers. 
Family Health Centers has deployed virtual patient care capacity to strengthen its response to  the COVID-19 virus, as well as guidance on its website and patient  portal to help people understand their options. 
"Our expanded telehealth services allow us to continue close care for patients while they are at  home. If their symptoms or clinical situation worsens, our staff, supported by clinician oversight,  can respond rapidly and decide if they need more intensive levels of medical care," said Dr.  James Wallace, FHC Medical Director. 
Telehealth services allow patients to communicate with a healthcare provider to determine if  they need to come into the clinic for evaluation, or if they can receive the advice, medications  and clinical guidance they need without coming into the clinic for an in-person appointment. This  approach reduces the risk of infectious disease spread to clinic staff and other patients and can  also be used to keep higher-risk patients from contracting illnesses that other patients might  have in the clinic setting. Virtual visits via telehealth may be scheduled with a provider through  the FHC Call Center just as an in-person appointment can be scheduled. 
“Our call center is screening patient calls and any indication of potential health risks is vetted by  a medical provider and triaged for the proper modality to access care. In the end, we want to do  our best to continue our underlying mission of ensuring access to care regardless of patients’  ability to pay or other barriers such as this health crisis,” said Jesus Hernandez, CEO of Family  Health Centers. 
We ask patients who may have any of the following symptoms to first call our call center at  1-800-660-2129 and follow the guidance of our staff and providers to ensure the safest modality  of care: 
• Fever or chills 
• Cough 
• Shortness of breath 
• Worsening of preexisting chronic health concerns 
Patients can expect an immediate response and low barriers to care, whether it be via  telehealth or in-person services with Family Health Centers. 
Steps for Accessing Virtual Care at Family Health Centers 
Step 1: IMPORTANT: First call FHC at 1-800-660-2129 to schedule your appointment. You will  be scheduled with your primary care provider or a member of your care team at the earliest  possible opening. 
Step 2: On the scheduled time of your virtual visit, a Medical Assistant or a member of your  care team will call you and connect you for the virtual visit with your provider. 
Step 3: Your provider will care for you via this virtual encounter and determine if an in-person  healthcare visit is necessary depending on your health needs. Prescriptions will be mailed or  can be picked up at our Omak drive through pharmacy. Guidance will be provided for proper  protocols to follow during an in-person visit to insure your safety, the safety of your care team and other patients

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