Hundreds of youngsters plus thousands of eggs equal big Easter event

The race is on as a herd of youngsters leave the starting line for the great egg hunt. Photos by Mike MaltaisCousins Maleah, left, and Emily Aparicio, 8, got close with the Easter Bunny

Brihanna Hernandez, 7, with mom, Cassie Spear of Bridgeport was one of 30 lucky prize winners.This young lady finds herself standing in a cache of eggs.

This young lady finds herself standing in a cache of eggs.

BBGC staff member Heather Carrington kept order and called the start for each of the five age divisions that searched their taped off quadrants for colored eggs.

After all the eggs were gathered, some youngsters tried out the new playground equipment installed last fall.


BREWSTER – Take hundreds of youngsters, stir in more the 2,000 colored eggs, pour them onto a playfield and plug them in. What you get is a mad scramble like the one that unfolded Saturday morning, April 20, in the field across from the Brewster Boys and Girls Club (BBGC).

With help from the Columbia Post 97 American Legion and Hermanos del Arte Masonic Lodge No. 314, the BBGC distributed more than 2,000 colored plastic eggs filled with candy and prizes throughout five taped off quadrants of the playfield north of BBGC headquarters for five age groups ranging from toddlers to 12-year-olds.

Event coordinator Heather Carrington issued instructions through a portable microphone and called the start for each successive age group beginning with the 0-1-year-olds through those 9-12. Thirty special prize eggs entitled the finders to trade them in for special prize buckets.

Following five consecutive swarms of youngsters sweeping the field, it was all over until next year.

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