Locally manufactured masks available from eqpd

TWISP - I am the owner of eqpd in Twisp. We are best known for our LastBags - reusable totes that replace single use bags. We transitioned our business due to the COVID-19 crisis and we are now making masks. With support from the community, we have already manufactured several thousand essential masks that are being distributed to frontline workers and other community members in need. 

In the process of producing these masks, we realized we could create a more comfortable mask - one you could wear all day. We have created prototypes, tested them and we are now ready to sell these masks - what we call The DailyMask. 

We want to serve our local community first, especially now as businesses begin to reopen. We are now taking bulk orders for DailyMasks exclusively from Washington businesses. For this first round of production, for these businesses only, we are offering a special locals discount for DailyMasks


We want to help our community stay healthy. As more of us get back to work, we need to wear masks all day to protect each other. We know employers want to take care of their team members. Providing a reliable, reusable, and comfortable mask is part of how you do that right now. We want to help employers create safe workplaces for the greater benefit of our community.


To request masks from eqpd, email info@eqpdgear.com or connect with us at https://eqpdgear.com/pages/dailymask-bulk-orders.


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