NCW Pet Cremation opens in Okanogan

Glenn Graves of NCW Pet Cremation with the specialized equipment for pet cremation. / Courtesy North Central WA Pet Cremation

Because they really are family. /Courtesy North Central WA Pet Cremation


OKANOGAN - Back in 2006 the Okanogan County Crematory became the first facility to offer cremation services for people at a crematory north of Wenatchee. North Central WA Pet Cremation is now the first facility in the area to offer pet cremation. Up till now people had to take or have their pets sent to Wenatchee or even further away in order to be cremated.

NCW Pet Cremation uses an entirely separate crematory retort, which is similar to the one used for people, but smaller in size. The pet crematory is located in an entirely new and separate wing of the crematory building at 557 Cold Springs Road outside of Okanogan. The Crematory building is located on a homestead ranch that was founded by my great-grandfather over 100 years ago where my family still resides.

I started working at the local funeral home as a summertime job setting headstones and mowing the cemetery grass after graduating Okanogan High School back in 1999. After graduated college and becoming licensed as a Funeral Director in 2005 my responsibilities grew and the following year I built the first local crematory in our area.

Working for the Precht-Harrison-Nearents Chapel in Okanogan and operating the Okanogan County Crematory over the years, I heard stories from families I met with who wanted to get their pets cremated. Until now, we were unable to accommodate their requests because pet cremation requires dedicated equipment that is only used for pets. We now have that specialized equipment available to serve the public.

We work through our local veterinary clinics where we offer pickup from the vets, cremation of the pet and return of the cremated remains to the vet clinic for pick up by the family. We also offer services that are similar to a funeral home where services are available for home pickups as well as a drop-off location in Okanogan.  

We track the pets throughout the cremation process in the same dignified and thorough manner that people are cared for with. If a pet has to be put down, the local vets have our paperwork and can easily facilitate the process of pickup and cremation at NCW Pet Cremation on the family’s behalf. If the pet dies at home, just call us at 509-422-2353 and we can either meet the family in Okanogan or if needed we can arrange pick up of the pet at the home.

Costs for pet cremation are based on weight. The costs generally range from $100 up to $325 for the larger pets. We currently accept Visa/Mastercard, personal checks and cash. We are in the process of making pre-arrangements available through our website and financing through CareCredit.

Our website is and to contact us please call 509-422-2353 or email us at



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