Next time, hide in the refrigerator


BRIDGEPORT – Douglas County Sheriffs’ deputies on routine patrol in the 400 block of 16th Street at approximately 6:46 p.m., on Monday, March 26, observed a male believed to have an outstanding felony warrant from the Department of Corrections. 

“The suspect ran into an apartment and hid,” wrote Douglas County Sheriff Harvey Gjesdal in an incident report. “A female at the apartment said the suspect had left. The deputies had seen no one leave.”

The woman then told the deputies the person they’d seen run inside was her daughter, wrote Gjesdal. Clearly it was not. The female finally consented to allow the deputies to look inside. Deputies located the suspect hiding under a box spring.

The suspect, 24-year-old Derrick Charley of Omak, was arrested without incident and transported to the Okanogan County Jail.

The female, 28-year-old Michelle Olvera-Cruz, was arrested without incident for Rendering Criminal Assistance and transported to the Okanogan County Jail.

Gjesdal termed the arrest as “admirable and tenacious police work.”



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