Okanogan County confirms first COVID-19 case on March 24

OMAK - Family Health Centers (Okanogan County), in collaboration with Okanogan County Public Health has  reported the first case of COVID-19 (novel Coronavirus) in Okanogan county. The individual has been  quarantined and socially isolated at home since the test was performed, is not a threat to the community,  and appropriate care is being provided. This case demonstrates to us that SARS-CoV-2, the virus that  causes COVID-19 is indeed in Okanogan County and confirms that our current preparedness and  infection control measures are appropriate. 
Family Health Centers and Okanogan County Public Health, in collaboration with Okanogan County  Emergency Management and other regional health clinics, hospitals, schools and community  organizations, continue to serve Okanogan County with the utmost vigilance in preparing for the  Coronavirus Pandemic. We are fortunate to be in a position to learn from our peers in neighboring  counties, across Washington state, and with medical and public health experts from across the country. 
Family Health Centers continues its efforts to care for patients and empower our communities to help fight  the spread of COVID-19. We continue to promote whole person health in this time of crisis and have  behavioral health providers, case managers and outreach team members working together with medical  provider teams to ensure the highest quality of care is delivered in the safest environment possible. To  this end we continue to: 
• Serve all patients, with a request to call 1-800-660-2029 to arrange a visit 
• Conducting testing at all medical clinic sites via drive-thru testing 
• Providing telephone and virtual visits to assist patients in avoiding exposure 
• Accelerating our pharmacy mail services so patients can receive medications at home 
• Providing counseling and advice to patients to reduce stress, promote health and continue social  wellbeing while we “stay at home and stay healthy.” 
Both Family Health Centers and Okanogan County Public Health ask all community members to be active  in helping us reduce the spread of Coronavirus. To help “flatten the curve” and limit the spread and impact  of this pandemic, we ask everyone to: 
• Be aggressive and intentional in following “stay at home” orders 
• Only leave home for grocery shopping, to maintain health or to seek medical care 
• If in public, keep a distance of at least 6 feet from other people, make sure that no one you’re 
around has fever or respiratory symptoms, and if so, call your healthcare provider 
• Hand-washing, respiratory hygiene is essential - carry hand sanitizer and use it. 
• Wash foreign objects with soap and water or rubbing alcohol before using them 
We implore the public to protect themselves, protect families and community members, and help our public health and county leaders promote and protect our health.

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