Preliminary election results favor Haven, Branch for commissioner

Pateros EMS passing

Katie Haven

Andy Hover

PATEROS – Preliminary results from the first two vote counts from the August 4 primary election show that the Pateros Emergency Services Levy that went down to defeat when first presented to voters last April, is passing this time around with 63 percent of eligible voters approving and 36 percent opposed.
With 116 votes counted so far, 74 support the levy while 42 oppose it. Last April, 107 voters cast ballots according to figures from the Okanogan County Auditor’s office. Of those, 57 opposed the measure and 50 supported causing the levy to fall short of the 50 percent simple majority needed.
The two races for Okanogan County Commissioner find District 2 incumbent Andy Hover narrowly trailing challenger Katie Haven by 22 votes, with 1,898 (50.29%) for Haven and 1,876 (49.71%) for Hover.
District 1 incumbent Chris Branch leads incumbent Shauna Beeman 56.01 percent (1,393 votes) to 43.99 percent (1,094 votes).
Incumbent Dan Newhouse has a near 25 percent lead over his nearest challenger in his bid for another term as Fourth Congressional District Representative in the Okanogan County vote count and an even wider margin statewide. Newhouse has 56.87 percent (5,650 votes) over two-time democratic challenger Douglas McKinney of Richland. Statewide he leads with nearly 80 percent of the vote. Newhouse has held the office since 2015. McKinney lost a previous bid for the office in 2016.
In the race for 12th District State Representative, Position 1, Republican incumbent Keith Goehner has a slim lead over Winthrop Democratic challenger Adrianne Moore by about four percentage points, 52.01 percent (2,440 votes) for Goehner to 47.99% (2,251 votes) for Moore.
Almost 40 candidates threw hats in the ring for state governor. In Okanogan County, Republican Loren Culp of Republic is leading incumbent Jay Inslee who is seeking this third term. Culp has 46.70 percent (4,821 votes) to Inslee’s 33.02 percent (3,409 votes). Statewide it’s a much different story as Inslee leads Culp, his nearest challenger by more than 30 percent, 1,001,363 votes to 352,297.
Marty McLendon, a previous candidate for Lt. Governor, leads the Okanogan County vote to replace Cyrus Habib who is not running for reelection. McLendon lost to Habib in 2016 and leads his nearest challenger, Denny Heck by 433 votes in the second round of Okanogan County counts. Of the remaining 10 candidates for the No. 2 state job, Joseph Brumbles has 13 percent of the early vote and three others each have around 10 percent. Statewide, Heck leads all comers with 498,328 votes and Marko Liias second with 333,255.
Incumbent Kim Wyman has more than 60 percent of the Okanogan County vote for Secretary of State and leads the statewide votes as well with over 51 percent.
Incumbent State Treasurer Duane Davidson is winning in Okanogan County but losing statewide to Democrat Mike Pellicciotti.
Incumbents are also leading in the race for Attorney General (Bob Ferguson), Commissioner of Public Lands (Hilary Franz), and Superintendent of Public Instruction (Chris Reykdal) in both Okanogan County and statewide.
Challenger Chris Leyba is leading incumbent Pat McCarthy for State Auditor with 61 percent of the Okanogan County vote but losing statewide to the incumbent by more than 100,000 votes.
Challenger Chirayu Avinash Patel is ahead of incumbent Mike Kreidler for Insurance Commissioner in Okanogan County but losing by a sizeable margin statewide.
Incumbents Jacquelin Maycumber and Joel Kretz are both well head of challengers in the respective positions one and two for Seventh District State Representatives.
Okanogan County Elections Administrator Jamie Groomes said the next count was scheduled for Tuesday, August 12 with approximately 3,000 ballots left to count.

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