Primary election indicates Dem’s may be vulnerable Political perspective

It’s no surprise that the incumbent governor and District Congressional Representative captured the most votes in the primary election. The question is, how strong is their performance against a single Republican challenger in the General election?
Gov. Inslee won the statewide election with a narrow 50.3% of the voters who turned out. Other Democrats on the ballot drew 3% away from Inslee. It is unclear at this time if that is because they are disenchanted with Inslee and the Democrats. 
Schrier led the race in her bid for re-election, but she only drew 42.7% of the vote. Republican challengers collectively captured almost 50% of vote. With clear evidence that this is a house seat that may be up for grabs in November, there is likely to be a huge push by both parties.
In the race for Lieutenant Governor the top two system will see two Democrats running against each other in the General. Denny Heck will face off against Marko Lias. 
Heck essentially ran a campaign against President Trump.  Heck decided not to run for re-election to the House of Representatives and run for Lt. Governor instead. At a time the Democrats are desperately trying to hold on to their majority in Congress it is certainly curious. Political operatives on the west side have surmised that Heck is expecting Biden to win and tap Inslee for a cabinet position. Heck would then assume the role of Governor. 
At this point it looks like the election for Chelan County Commissioner is the only race that is still in contention. In this point Tiffany Gering leads Brandt Cappell by 132 votes with 337 ballots left to count for the second spot on the ticket for the general election.
Voter turnout was 47% statewide and 59% in Chelan County. 

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