Three Rivers Hospital seeks continuation of levy

Same as last year

Scott Graham, CEO Three Rivers Hospital

Leslie McNamara, Three Rivers Hospital Board Secretary

BREWSTER -- Three Rivers Hospital is seeking a renewal of the one-year levy approved by voters last year.

The current levy, which passed with a combined 71 percent in Okanogan and Douglas counties, has been used to help offset the cost of maintaining emergency services 24 hours a day, all year round. The approved cost was 33 cents per $1,000 of assessed property value.

The hospital is not requesting an increase, according to CEO Scott Graham.

 “We are requesting that it be extended for another year at the same rate,” he said. “This revenue has been tremendously helpful to our hospital during the pandemic. It has helped us continue providing this critical service to our district during a time that has been economically uncertain for a lot of rural hospitals like ours.”

If approved, the estimated annual tax for a home valued at $200,000 would be $66 per year. Among other operational costs, the revenue is used to pay for round-the-clock staffing with board-certified physicians through a contract with ERx Group, LLC.

“This has been a successful arrangement for about seven years, and we have expanded their contract recently to include inpatient coverage, as well,” Graham said. “This provides a more stable consistency of care for our patients, from the time they’re seen in the ER to their stay in Acute Care.”

The levy proposition is on the August 3 primary ballot. Ballots should be in mailboxes by this Friday, which is when the voting period begins.

"Our district's support during these extremely trying and unprecedented times has been overwhelming. Thank you,” said Board Secretary Leslie McNamara. “I love our community and the opportunities we have to offer valuable and reliable health care.”

Questions regarding the Three Rivers Hospital levy proposition can be directed to, or by calling 509-645-3347.


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