Guadalupe DeLaCerda

Services for Guadalupe DeLaCerda: Friday, July 16, 2021 at 2 p.m. at the Locust Grove Cemetery in Brewster. A Celebration of Life Reception following burial to be held at the Brewster Park.

April 20 1955-October 22, 2020
Guadalupe DeLaCerda of Long Lake, Washington left us to join his Heavenly Father on Thursday, October 22, 2020 at the age of 65. Guadalupe was born April 20, 1955 in General Teran, Nuevo Leon, Mexico to Pedro DeLaCerda-Salazar and Maria Perez-Hernandez. Around 8 months of age Guadalupe and his family relocated to Pharr, Texas, where he was raised. At the tender age of 7 years old, Guadalupe lost his father Pedro. Guadalupe being the oldest of his siblings worked odd jobs such as: shining shoes and sweeping floors to help support his mother Maria and his brother Pedro, and sister’s Norma and Guillermina.
As a young man around the age of 20 years old Guadalupe relocated to the Brewster, Washington area. Guadalupe then worked on some Columbia River Dams as well as time he spent working at the Hanford Nuclear Site in Richland, Washington. He was extremely proud of the important concrete work he did while working at the Hanford Nuclear Site. Guadalupe was also extremely proud of the important work he did restoring and planting trees on Mount Saint Helen’s when she erupted in May 1980. He always took pride in his work doing a neat, thorough professional job no matter what the job was! Guadalupe met and fell in love with Nyleen Moore of Pateros, Washington. They were married December 22, 1978 in Pateros, Washington. They soon began their family and were blessed with a daughter: Candace and a son: Caylan. Guadalupe and Nyleen raised their family in Brewster, Washington. Guadalupe during raising his family worked for some time for
Gebber Farms, doing electrical work. Guadalupe then went to work for U.S. Electrodynamics, Inc. Not long after beginning to work for U.S. Electrodynamics, Guadalupe went through the process to become an American Citizen! Guadalupe continued working for U.S. Electrodynamics, Inc. until his passing. Guadalupe enjoyed visiting his family and friends enjoying a brew or 2. He enjoyed fishing with his son Caylan and other friends. He enjoyed restoring his old classic muscle car with his close friend Fred. Guadalupe was always lending a hand to whoever needed a hand.
Guadalupe was preceded in death by his parents: Pedro and Maria DeLaCerda.
Surviving Guadalupe: His wife Nyleen of Long Lake, WA, His daughter Candace Medina(Hugo) of Brewster, WA and his son Caylan(Kathy) of Long Lake, WA. He is survived by his grandsons: Brandon Medina(Gese) of Ellensburg, WA, Julian Medina of Long Lake, WA, Damian Medina(Bethany) Of Salem, OR, Orlando Medina of Spokane, WA, and Jordan Medina of Brewster, WA. He is survived by granddaughter Marisa Medina of Brewster, WA and Great Grandson Atom Gruber-Medina of Ellensburg, WA. is also survived by his brother Pedro DeLaCerda of Brewster, WA, his sister Norma Fonseca(Chano) of Brewster, WA and his sister Guillermina Lucas(Franco) of Brewster, WA. In addition, he is survived by numerous cousins, nieces, and nephews.
Jim Veeder tribute to Lupe: Lupe’s Boss at U.S. Electrodynamics Inc.
Lupe joined Jim Veeder’s U.S. Electrodynamics early on in that team’s quick international growth many years ago. Jim said that hiring Lupe was like hiring 3 important experts in one person. Lupe put his heart and his soul into everything that he did. Nothing about his work was sloppy, always the professional perfectionist. “I could call him in the middle of the night, and I knew that when he would be do done that it would all be perfect. Lupe was a huge part of my and U.S. Electrodynamics’ success, I miss you Lupe and I will always miss you, you will always be stuck deep in my heart, always a best friend, and just like I told you 30 years ago, ‘You know you are stuck with us now, and for the rest of your life, we don’t let hard working geniuses get away. You are the best high power electrical expert, the best motor and pump expert, and you know concrete and steel perfectly and you are family here and especially with me already ‘ “ Jim said. “Lupe made the hard work fun for everyone in the field, and the customers and inspectors respected him, and loved him too, he was just that way.” Lupe always enjoyed telling all the funny stories like this one of many in Peru: Having been given poor advice from Hertz in Peru, Lupe and Jim and his sister left Lima for Cuzco on a road that was out of season through the Andes at 14-16,000 feet elevation. “It was really a dirt road meant only for huge buses with 6-foot diameter wheels.” Maybe 700 miles into an 800-mile trip a big problem arose, a 4-foot-deep river 30-foot-wide river flowing completely across the road. While Jim calculated speed required Lupe scouted out logs and large stones to build a ramp designed to the calculated trajectory. At the far edge of the river Jim moved one of the logs into center, as a skid way just in case we have insufficient speed, we needed 70 mph. “Jim, that’s guaranteed to take out the oil pan,” said Lupe. “Nah, maybe a little dented, but still intact,” said a confident Jim. Lupe said they could only get to 50 mph because of the smooth stones, and so the car fell short. “Lupe, you see we needed that log,” said Jim. 10 miles later the low oil light warning came on. “Well, I’ll be, just a little dent huh?” said a proud Lupe. The outrageous stories only got better after that. “I am in deep, deep shock and grief.
When we lost Lupe, and it was so sudden, it really reinforced that Lupe was a strong force in making us a family,” Jim said, “we are not sad because we lost his expertise, oh sure, we did lose an irreplaceable hard-working person, and a great and amazing friend, but the true sadness is much deeper, for myself I have lost a wonderful brother in life. Many others must feel lost as well, he would do anything for anyone in need.” “It is really, really tough, and we will never really completely get over it until we see him again, but for now Lupe is with his father Pedro and his mother Maria in God’s Presence and Glory!
Nyleen’s Loving Tribute to Lupe!
Guadalupe DeLaCerda lived most of his life in Brewster, WA. There he raised a family of 2 wonderful children, Candace and Caylan. He went to work for Jim Veeder at USEI and was very excited about. A new challenge in life that he looked forward too. Through his years working there, he made many friendships and memories with his coworkers. His family, daughter and grandchildren still live in Brewster. In the year 2007, Lupe, myself and our son Caylan, moved to Spokane where Jim Veeder bought property on Long lake. Over the years it became a beautiful blueberry and rescue animal farm. He has been on the farm about 16 years. He loved living here on the farm because he got to work with his beloved son every day. They would go fishing all the time, hang out down at the lake and just enjoy the peace and beauty that exists out here. Over the years, Lupe and Jim developed a very strong bond/relationship through work and friendship. They had a relationship that I can’t even describe. He was always grateful to Jim and Isabella for the beautiful life he was able to live out here on the farm. There’s so much to say but I cannot say it all. I was married to Lupe for 42 years. We have 2 children, 6 grandchildren and 1 great-grandson. We were blessed with a beautiful family. He was a great husband, father, grandfather, and friend. We will always love and miss him. As Tina Turner says, “You are simply the best!
Candace’s Tribute to My Dad!
Best Dad and Friend on Earth. He was my everything since I was born, and I was his Nanace!  Nanace always sucking her thumb rubbing dad’s mustache and it was mine and his thing. I will never forget we would drive in his trans am while I ate twinkies. Since Nanace was always with dad, I was a daddy’s girl and loved to be by his side as a child. My dad would always complain about his white hairs and offered to pay me a quarter for each hair I pulled out. I was so excited thinking that’s a lot of money! As I got older, I would joke with dad, that is a lot of white hair. I would say can I pull them out for a quarter each, because now I could be rich with all those whites! As a little girl, I always begged my parents that I wanted a baby brother. When I finally got one, I was so happy! I Still am very happy; my dad was to have his Nanace and Booboo! He would tell me he was so happy he had his boy and girl. We were so blessed to have him as our dad! There wasn’t anything he wouldn’t do for us, as we would do anything for him, too. I will always be so grateful for everything he has done for me and the grandbabies! He always had a heart of gold, and me as a young mom, I knew it was hard for him to accept. His heart was hurting, knowing his little Nanace, wasn’t so little anymore. But eventually, he was so proud and happy to have a handful of grandbabies! Hewas an amazing grandpa and last year he became a great grandpa and was tickled pink! I feel so grateful he was able to be a part of his life, even if it was for a short time. We will always teach and tell all the stories of Grandpa Lupe to baby Atom, about what an amazing great grandpa he had. As I sit here writing about my dad, my heart is broken. I feel like half my heart is gone. On the other hand, trying to be happy, as he’s getting so much needed rest. I know here is my angel and as of now he is smiling ear to ear, sitting right there with his mom and dad, that he missed so much! Dad you are my hero, and I love you! I will not say goodbye, but I will see you again! Oxox!
Caylan’s Tribute to My Dad!
My dad was one of the best dad’s you could ask for. We always went fishing in the Columbia river then he would take me to work with him every day after school. I grew up working in the best place with my dad, Lupe, my mom, Nyleen and for Jim and Isabella. Every day after work we would hang out in the shop creating good times. I love him forever and will miss him forever. There is so much more but until we see each other again, I love you Dad!
Services for Guadalupe DeLaCerda: Friday, July 16, 2021 at 2 p.m. at the Locust Grove Cemetery in Brewster, WA. A Celebration of Life Reception following burial to be held at the Brewster Park.
Please leave any thoughts and memories for the family at  Services are entrusted to Barnes Chapel of Brewster.


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