Johnie Fay Sultz

Johnie Fay Sultz born in Boonville, Arkansas June 3, 1929 passed January 13, 2020.
A viewing at 1 p.m. will precede the service. Church services for Johnie Jan. 24, 2020 at Bridgeport Bethel Assembly (of God) 2 p.m. Potluck to follow service at church.
Burial service graveside will be held in Woodville, Calif. cemetery February 3, 2020, 12:30 p.m. with potluck to follow.
Mrs. Johnie Fay Sultz born to John Thomas Walker and Emma McCoy on June the 3rd 1929. Johnie Fay/Grandma was born at home in Logan County Arkansas in the little town of Boonville. Right from the start of Johnie Fay’s life she was met with unbelievable circumstances with being born at the start of the great depression in the USA. Johnie Fay/Grandma’s mother Emma McCoy passed away shortly after the birth of Johnie Fay. She was to grow up motherless never knowing the unconditional love of a mother, yet she was absolutely amazing at giving that love even strangers she always greeted with love and kindness. Johnie’s father couldn’t care for her or her siblings they were sent to live with family. Johnie/Grandma was sent to live with her uncle Dave and his family, when she was just big enough to help she did, she actually cared for her blind grandma. She would have to lead Grandma to town in hopes to share a soda with grandma or maybe get her own. On one of the many trips to town Johnie/Grandma took on an illness and barely made it home. She went into a deep coma for a season. When she woke from the typhoid fever Johnie had to learn to walk and talk again. Grandma Johnie was about 10 years old when World War II started. The U.S., still in depression life was hard during that time and would be for 6 years of war. Uncle Dave’s son moved away. Grandma Johnie said she took his place in the fields. She did everything from breaking the ground with horse and pull plow, the planting as well as harvesting. They survived on what they produced so they worked hard so they could make it through the winters.
Not long after the war ended, she met and married Grandpa Everett Leroy Sultz coming home from World War II. Together they raised 4 children Beverly Ann Sultz, Johnny Eugene Sultz, Betty June Sultz, James Leroy Sultz. They moved to Tulare County in between 1957 to 1963 settling down. Grandma picked cotton, grandpa worked on ranches and farms. In about 1970 Johnie Fay Sultz started working for Stan Bronson owner of Stans Restaurant in Porterville, Calif. where she worked just shy of 18 years. Grandma made all the deserts that come out of their making the local news paper a few times making 763 pies one Thanksgiving.
Johnie buried two of her children: Beverly in '78 in Woodville, Johnny in '88 in Lindsay and her husband Everett '93 in Woodville, all cemeteries in Calif. After Johnnies husband passed she lived with her son, until James left to Oregon in '94. Then she moved with Betty her daughter. '95 is when all of them left Porterville, Calif. And went to Oregon where she lived and attended church. 1999 moving to Washington with her daughter Betty and family where she settled in enjoying her life with her great- great-grandchildren, and attending church met new brothers and sisters in Christ.
Johnie met tragedy again she endured the burial of her youngest daughter Betty, Sept. 6th 2014 who lost her battle to brain cancer, then again seven months her son in-law Danny. Her Granddaughter Becky brought her to her home with her family where she lived rest of her days the center of their world such a blessing to have her. Grandma no matter what happened in her life good and bad she gave all glory and thanks to our savior. Grandma clings to Jesus and had the faith of 10 men a faithful servant of the Lord our Savior. She wanted to bring us all to heaven. She wrote beautiful gospel songs prayers and little notes telling me how happy she was. We took her to do dozens of things tailored to keep her comfortable fishing, boating, camping, traveling, graduations and gatherings everything we did included grandma. January 9, 2020 started out the perfect day for grandma and I, the sun was even shinning. Suddenly at 3:09 p.m. grandma had a stroke had to be flown to Sacred Heart Hospital where I met her doctors. They did all they could. I tried to just get her home but she just couldn’t make it. Grandma died in Spokane Sacred Heart Hospital on January 13th 2020 at 10:08 p.m.
Johnie Fay Sultz was perceded in death by her mother, father, husband, 3 children Beverly, Johnny, and Betty her brother, sister, and brother in-law, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, great-great- grandchildren that didn’t make it out of utero. Grandma Johnie Fay Sultz is survived by her son James Sultz, Sharron Epp, 10 Grandchildren Paula, Ladon Weaver, Aaron, Chad, Todd Sultz, Becky, Jimmy, Chris Ketcher, Jeremy Montgomery, Stormy Sultz, 29 great-grandchildren, and 4 great-great- grandchildren. Johnie was so loved and touched the life of every person she encountered great teacher of the Bible and she was blessed and anointed by the Lord she would pray faithfully. The Holy Spirit always showed up when grandma prayed and gathered in prayer speaking tongue. She taught me to be loving and kind and to be good in my heart. Grandma your worth more than silver, worth more than gold ,so thankful God gave me you. You were just what we needed. Keep dancing and singing in the sky. Please watch over us. I can’t wait till I meet you in the sky. Save us a place in heaven, rest easy, love us all. Strongest, faithful, loving woman I ever knew!
Please leave any thoughts and memories for the family at  Services are entrusted to Barnes Chapel of Brewster.

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