Cari Hall is uniquely qualified for auditor

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I am endorsing Cari Hall for Okanogan County Auditor. I have known Cari for many years, I had the pleasure of working with her in her previous position as Chief Financial Officer for a large non-profit entity the County has connections with. And, more important to me, I have had the pleasure of working with Cari on a daily basis for three years now, after given the opportunity to hire her as our Finance Manager for the County.

Cari is uniquely qualified for the important position of Auditor. She has the accounting background and experience to help guide the County in budgeting and financial matters as a member of the County Finance Committee, the members of which, by Statute, is the County Treasurer, Auditor and Chairman of the Board of County Commissioners. She currently attends the monthly Finance Committee meetings to present the financial reports and answer questions. Her advice and comments during these meetings, budget meetings, and throughout the year is respected and well received by the County Commissioners as well as other Department Heads and Elected Officials.

Cari’s qualifications for the job include the knowledge and capability to understand the mandated requirements and work in every department of the Auditor’s office, Recording, Elections and Licensing as well as Finance. This knowledge stems from her willingness to help wherever needed, whenever she can. Her eagerness to work and learn has resulted in WA ST Dept of Licensing Certification, not an easily achieved accomplishment.

Cari’s customer service is unsurpassed! She is exceptionally good with people. She listens and is willing to go the extra distance to assist in whatever task, transaction or problem needs to be addressed and completed. Cari has the respect and is well liked by everyone in the office, and I believe by most, if not all of the people she comes in contact with on a regular basis.

Please join me in supporting Cari Hall for Auditor, she is the best candidate, and the only qualified candidate in the race!

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to hear more of my thoughts. As Auditor, I have worked with, and supervised both of the candidates. Cari’s opponent has not been accurate in portraying his experience and qualifications. The outcome of this race is crucial to the success of Okanogan County.

Thank you!

Laurie Thomas,
Okanogan County

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