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As many of you know, my family has called Okanogan County our home since the first settlers came in the 1800’s. Generations of pride and commitment to taking care of our community are some of the things that make this county and its small towns great.

Some of you have gotten to know me throughout the years working for Food Services of America as a truck driver. I started my work in public service with the Tonasket Fire Department in 1993. I then continued my volunteer work with the Okanogan Fire Department and the Omak Fire Department. I am currently the Okanogan Fire Chief and I have served in that position since 2014.

I started my career in law enforcement with the Omak Police Department in 2006, where I currently serve as a patrol officer. After 25 years in emergency services, and seeing many unimaginable things, there are certain public servants who stick out to you. One of these people is Sergeant Tony Hawley, who is currently running to be our Sheriff.

Over the past several years as a police officer and as Fire Chief, I have responded to countless critical incidents where Tony was present. I have always found comfort in knowing that Tony was either leading the way, beside me, or watching over me commanding an incident. I have always been able to count on Tony for reasoning and advice and positive corrections, as have other young cops fighting to learn their way in an ever-changing job. Tony is very humble, gives credit where credit is due, and does not grandstand for simply doing his job.  Tony is always approachable and he listens with compassion. Tony has worked in all aspects of the position he is running for. 

Tony is a great instructor and mentor as my SWAT commander.  These are just a few of the reasons why Tony Hawley should be our next Sheriff.

I look forward to continuing my commitment to public service as Fire Chief and as a Senior Patrolman with the Omak Police Department with Tony as our next Sheriff. When casting your vote on Nov. 6, vote with confidence and Vote Tony Hawley.

Jerod Gavin

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