Lynch mobs are swarming

Judge Ray Moore is guilty. He’s never had a trial. Hasn’t had a chance to make his case to a jury of his peers, but he’s guilty. He’s been accused by a number of women of the crime of being a sexual predator. He’s a man so he’s guilty.
Women would never bring such a charge if it just weren’t true. It doesn’t matter that the alleged charges happened years ago. They have all just been too intimidated to bring charges before. There is no statute of limitations on sexual misconduct.
Personally, I don’t know if Judge Moore is guilty of the charges brought against him or if he is the victim of political sabotage. The timing and some of the people involved make me suspect the latter. But in any case there are a number of troubling issues here.
First, one of our core principles is we believe everybody is innocent until proven guilty. That means each of us deserves a trial where we have the right to question our accusers. Judge Moore hasn’t had that opportunity.
In fact, powerful and influential people have concluded he is guilty so it’s time to find a rope. Let’s not waste time with a costly and time consuming trial.
Judge Moore has challenged some of the “evidence” brought forth against him and his attorney has called for an independent third party to examine that evidence. No, not going to happen, declares attorney Gloria Allred. Allred wants a Senate investigation in the next two weeks to examine the charges.
Let’s see, the election is just twenty days away. How convenient is that? On what planet is it likely that a Senate committee could meet hold hearings and issue a conclusion before the election? Allred is famous for her media tricks generally used to extort some settlement out of the accused.
The second problem here is many elected politicians have said Moore is not qualified to serve. I am not aware of anything in the Constitution that allows the Senate to refuse to seat a duly elected representative. The fact that our currently elected representatives believe they can refuse to accept our choice of representatives should be troubling to all Americans.
The underlying question here is why would any woman lie about something so serious? There are a number of reasons but the single biggest reason is most likely abortion. There has been a growing awareness that the pro-life movement is gaining strength and many pro-choice advocates have expressed concern that Republicans could move to limit or even outlaw abortion.
Currently, Republicans hold a razor thin majority in the Senate. There are 51 Republicans, 46 Democrats and 2 Independent Senators. Both of the Independents caucus with the Democrats, which means they vote along the Democrat party line. Judge Moore would increase the Republican majority while defeating him would severely limit the Senates ability to pass any legislation without Democrats crossing the aisle.
More to the point here is the fact that the Senate must confirm all appointments to the Supreme Court. Democrats are concerned that Republicans will be able to fill the court with conservative justices who may be more likely to reconsider issues like Roe v. Wade.
Judge Roy Moore is not only a staunch conservative, he is an outspoken judge on issues like religious freedom. He has been thrown off of the Alabama Supreme Court twice first because of he refused to remove a statue of the Ten Commandments and secondly because he refused to accept the courts ruling on gay marriage.
In a debate with fellow Republican Luther Strange, Moore said, “Our foundation has been shaken. Crime, corruption, immorality, abortion, sodomy, sexual perversion sweep our land. When we become one nation under God again, when liberty and justice for all reigns across our land, we will be truly good again.”
Judge Roy Moore is a serious threat to the liberal Democrat agenda.
I do not know if Moore is guilty of the charges lodged against him. But if I were a betting man I would bet the charges are more political than factual. In any case, he deserves the right to confront his accusers and to examine any evidence being brought against him in a timely manner.
If the people of Alabama decide to elect him then he must be seated with all of the other duly elected representatives.
If he is elected and it is later discovered he is guilty of inappropriate sexual misconduct then he can be removed with all of the other Senators that have engaged in inappropriate conduct. That list is apparently long and has cost taxpayers a significant amount of money. Fairness would dictate that the names of every Senator that the Senate paid out taxpayer funds to settle charges of misconduct be released immediately. Then those people should be expelled.
It is time to drain the swamp and end the politics of personal destruction.

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