Pateros free steelhead seminar

"Pateros is going to Celebrate Steelhead with a night of free seminars.  Everyone is invited to come to the Central Building on Friday, Nov. 14 starting at 6 p.m. A sumptuous dinner is being offered for those who wish to partake, and then at 7 p.m. there will be three presentations on how to catch steelhead on area waters. 

Kevin van Bueren will show everyone how to rig to catch Methow River steelhead on a fly. 

Next up will be Keith Roe and he will show you his techniques for catching steelhead on the Methow and Okanogan rivers with a bobber and jig.   Finally, Shane Magnuson, will be there to show you how to catch steelhead on the main stem Columbia River on a bobber and jig. 

These are all experts and anyone that wants to be more successful this steelhead season should be there. In addition to the dinner and speakers there will be some great prizes handed out through drawings.  These will include overnight stays at local hotels and meals at local restaurants."

This information is going out all over the state (Seattle, Tri Cities, Spokane, and locally) at a substantial cost. There will be lots of new visitors to our area. This is our time to shine!

This seminar is just the start of an annual event that can help all of us as business owners. The fishing industry is set to explode in our area over the next few years, and we are sitting on prime waters and should capitalize on this! We are looking for a financial contribution to help with the advertising, and product or gift certificates that can be used in the drawing. You will be recognized during the seminar as a supporting sponsor. Since the seminar is on a Friday night, hopefully these people will stay the weekend, and come back again and again. If you can help make this successful please do.

Any additional literature, business cards etc. will be welcome too.

Call 670-8185 if you have questions.

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