Recycle options remain available in Douglas, Okanogan counties

DOUGLAS-OKANOGAN COUNTIES – The New Year always seems to bring out the side of citizens that has to do with renewal, recommitment…and resolution. For some that includes a rededication to become more proactive with the process of recycling household trash.

The announcement from China about a year ago that it would no longer be the world’s largest purchaser of recyclables, including those exported by the U.S., sent providers scrambling for other markets. As far as local sites in North Douglas County, South Okanogan County, and Okanogan proper, the guides (pictured with this story) will help the determined recycler chose the most appropriate locale to patronize.

While the City of Pateros has no published guide, it does provide dumpsters that accept cardboard, newspaper, and aluminum cans.
The City of Brewster has no designated recycle dumpsters at this writing.

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