The Focus of Nurses Week 2021

Editors Note: Every year, National Nurses Week kicks off on May 6. The celebration continues all week, culminating on May 12 – Florence Nightingale’s birthday, and International Nurses Day. The celebration has evolved over the years into a weeklong event; but International Nurses Day was first celebrated in 1965 by the International Council of Nurses (ICN) – a federation that, today, represents more than 27 million nurses worldwide. Considering the critical role that nurses have played in the fight against the COVID


A Vision for Future Healthcare. Nurses have spent the last year working under extremely trying conditions, but have shown continued commitment and dedication to their jobs. The future of healthcare, and ultimately patient’s access to care, will be tied to innovations in the field of nursing – making this theme extremely relevant and timely for 2021. 

Given everything this year has thrown at at nurses and other healthcare workers in the form of the COVID-19 pandemic, there isn’t a better or more appropriate time to focus on recognizing, appreciating, and investing in our incredible nurses across the globe serving on the front lines. While it makes sense, and is of course appropriate, to single out a particular week to give thanks to nurses, it should by no means stop there; after all, nurses work around the clock 52 weeks a year.

Especially now, nurses are more deserving than ever of our support, respect, and appreciation. That’s why we want to make Nurses Week 2021 another one to remember (and better than Nurses Week 2020), for all nurses stationed on the frontlines of health care.



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