Secretary of State: Registered voters in Washington do not need to request a mail-in ballot

OLYMPIA - Washington state voters may soon receive a postcard from the
U.S. Postal Service encouraging voters to “plan ahead” for the Nov. 3
General Election. Among the recommendations is to request a mail-in or
absentee ballot at least 15 days before Election Day.
The following is a statement by the Office of the Secretary of State
in response to the “If you plan to vote by mail, plan ahead.”
“Voters in Washington do not need to request a ballot, as ballots are
automatically mailed to all registered voters at least 18 days prior
to Election Day. There is no need to sign up or request to receive a
mail-in ballot to vote in the upcoming election,” said Secretary of
State Kim Wyman. “Voters who are unsure if they are registered or if
their address on file is current can log in to<> to confirm their
registration information.
“The Office of the Secretary of State and county election officials
were not made aware this mailer would be sent to Washington residents,
nor were we apprised of its content. By the time we learned of the
mailer and reached out to the postal service to inquire further, the
mailers were already in the mail stream.”
Secretary Wyman recommends Washingtonians visit<> for more information
about election dates and deadlines, and how to locate a county
elections office if they have any questions or concerns.
The 2020 General Election is Nov. 3.
Washington’s Office of the Secretary of State oversees a number of
areas within state government, including managing state
elections<>, registering
charities<>, and governing the use of
the state flag and state seal. The office also manages the State
Archives<> and the State
Library<>, documents extraordinary
stories in Washington’s history through Legacy
Washington<>, oversees the Combined Fund
Drive<> for charitable giving by state
employees, and administers the state’s Address Confidentiality
Program<> to help protect survivors of


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