Brewster School opened doors Oct. 6

COVID cases down
BREWSTER – “You are the best!” Brewster School Superintendent Eric Driessen says in opening comments to students, parents, and community announcing the opening of Brewster School on Tuesday, Oct. 6.

Driessen congratulated all on their efforts to reduce the number of COVID-19 cases in the district from 900/100,000 all the way down to 20/100,000 and making reopening possible.

Schools don’t open schools, communities open schools,” said Driessen with reference to the transition to a hybrid in-person instruction model.

As you are aware, our goal all along has been to allow parents to make the decision to have their children attend school in person or continue to working remotely,” said Driessen. “Parents now have those choices.”

The school re-entry guideline includes:

1.Pre-school - Second grade attended Tuesday, Oct. 6.

2. Third-Twelfth Grade – Will begin in a hybrid start, half of students will come A=Tuesday/Thursday and half will come B=Wednesday/Friday. On the days students are not attending in person, they will learn remotely using Zoom. Students will be in class four days per week, two in person, two on Zoom.

3. Mondays will be remote learning for all students.

4. The first week, Oct. 6-9 students will attend half day (8-11:30 a.m.)

Parents who so choose can have their students remain in full remote learning.

An ongoing COVID-19 testing plan will be used to identify positive cases before others at school can become infected.

To view the complete attendance schedule and other opening week details, visit online.




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