Pateros High School graduates 25 seniors

Bobbi Hall’s aunt, Cindy Miller applied the creative beadwork design to the valedictorian’s mortarboard. Hall did her own beadwork on the stem of her eagle feather tassel.

PATEROS – Not surprisingly, most of the 25 seniors graduated Pateros High School last Saturday, June 3, have future plans.

Among them is Dakota Poole who plans to train as a journeyman electrician. 

Then there’s Aubrey Miller who will attend Washington State University and major in elementary education.

Luis Solis plans to attend Wenatchee Valley College and work toward a career in engineering.

Vanessa Estrada and Elinda Fonseca both plan to attend beauty school, and Valeria Angel Oros is off to the Art Institute of Seattle.

Jose Castellanos wants to attend WVC, then Eastern Washington University in pursuit of a career in architecture or mechanical engineering.

A major in computer science is Anna Schluneger’s plan when she attends Western Washington University and minor in music.

Isaac Wall’s goal is to get the agriculture experience that will allow him to return to the valley as an intern to become an orchard manager at Stennes Orchards. He plans to complete the Horticulture Tree Fruit Program at WVC toward that end.

Lane Webster is going to work at O’Connell Plumbing and Sam Gordillo plans “to get a job and go from there.”

Those are just some of the directions the new graduates will follow in the months and years ahead.

Four of this year’s seniors, Roberta Hall, Emily Larsen, Fiona Maitland and Aubrey White, graduated with high honors and a GPA of 3.8 or higher.

Schluneger and Wall made the Superintendent’s List with a GPA of 3.75 or higher. 

Schluneger and Ethan Williams also graduated Wenatchee Valley College with Associate of Arts degrees. 

A special feature of the commencement ceremony was recognition of Generations of Graduates where Hall, Schluneger, Maitland, Wall, Estrada, Connor Hernandez and Preston Garcia had parents or grandparents who also graduated from Pateros.

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