Douglas County Sheriff

Sept. 25
Traffic offense at Road B N.E. and Road 18 N.E. in Mansfield.
Welfare check at 32 McCormack St. on Bridgeport Bar.
Theft at 1130 Columbia Ave. in Bridgeport.
Animal problem at 929 Maple St., No. 120 in Bridgeport.

Sept. 26
Welfare check at 314 19th St. in Bridgeport.
Noise across the street from 108 Arden Ave. on Bridgeport Bar.
Attempt to locate, attempt to contact at 2366 N. Division Rd. in Mansfield.

Sept. 27
Parking/abandoned vehicle at 100 Columbia Ave. in Bridgeport.
Traffic offense at State route 173, milepost 8 on Bridgeport Bar.
Agency assistance at 1627 Tacoma Ave. in Bridgeport.

Sept. 28
Traffic offense at State Route 173, milepost 10 on Bridgeport Bar.
Suspicious incident at 1228 Fairview Ave. in Bridgeport.

Sept. 29
Non-injury accident at 17 Moe Road, No. A on Bridgeport Bar.
911 at Crane Orchard Road and Central Ferry Canyon Road on Bridgeport Bar.
Domestic disturbance at Hand of God Church, 109 Pine St. on Bridgeport Bar.
Driving under influence at State Route 173, milepost 8 on Bridgeport Bar.
Domestic disturbance at 108 Pine St. on Bridgeport Bar.
Noise behind in the alley at 613 Columbia Ave. in Bridgeport.
Noise on the S.W. corner of 12th Street and Foster Avenue in Bridgeport.

Sept. 30
Harassment/threat at 635 State Route 173 on Bridgeport Bar.
DUI at 16th Street and Fairview Avenue in Bridgeport.
Public assistance at 220 Walnut St. in Mansfield.
Noise at 900 Maple St. in Bridgeport.

Oct. 1
Alarm at 555 Osprey Dr. on Bridgeport Bar.
Harassment/threat at 341 Columbia Ave. in Bridgeport.
Suicide threat at 1626 Fisk Ave. in Bridgeport.

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