Douglas County Sheriff July 10 - 16

July 10
911 at 1627 Tacoma Ave., Bridgeport.

July 11
Civil incident at 105 Arden Ave., Bridgeport Bar.

July 12
Animal problem at 1220 Kryger St., Bridgeport.

July 13
Psychiatric incident at 215 13th St., Bridgeport.
Traffic offense at Tacoma Avenue and 16th Street, Bridgeport.
Theft at 2117 Monroe Ave., Bridgeport.
Traffic offense in the 1700 Tacoma Avenue block, Bridgeport.
Driving under influence at State Route 173, milepost 4, Bridgeport Bar.

July 14
Agency assistance at old highway 97 and Verastar Lane, Brewster.
911 at 515 Edson St., Bridgeport Bar.
Weapons violation at 1128 Columbia Ave., Bridgeport Bar.
Traffic offense at 19th Street and Monroe Avenue, Bridgeport.

July 15
Civil incident at 105 Arden Ave., Bridgeport Bar.
Alarm at 610 17th St., Bridgeport.

July 16
Property incident at Quik-E-Mart, 2606 Foster Creek Ave., Bridgeport.

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