Douglas County Sheriff July 16 - 23

July 16
Animal problem at 10th Street and Douglas Avenue, Bridgeport.
Welfare check at 10 McCormack St., Bridgeport Bar.
Assault at 2400 Tacoma Ave., No.1, Bridgeport.
Agency assistance at Chief Joseph Dam, 45 Hayden Rd., Bridgeport.
Theft at the Bridgeport pool, 2100 Fisk Ave., Bridgeport.
Welfare check at 75 Buckingham Alley, Bridgeport Bar.
Theft at 106 Crane Orchard Rd., Bridgeport Bar.
Warrant at 1255 Fairview Ave, No. 8, Bridgeport.
Civil incident at 105 Arden Ave., Bridgeport Bar.

July 17
Medical incident at State Route 173 and Osprey Drive,  Bridgeport Bar.
Vehicle theft at 15 Buckingham Alley, Bridgeport Bar.
Unknown accident at Foster Creek Avenue and State Route 17,  Bridgeport.

July 18
Agency assistance at Bridge Street and Main Street,  Brewster.
Parking/abandoned vehicle at 891 Highland Orchard Rd., Bridgeport.
Welfare check on Dyer Hill Road, Mansfield.
Court order violation at 700 Fairview Ave., No. 98,  Bridgeport.

July 19
Civil incident at Mansfield Family Market, 30 Main St., Mansfield.

July 20
Court order violation at 700 Fairview Ave., No. 9A, Bridgeport.
Agency assistance at State Route 173, milepost 5-1/2,  Bridgeport Bar.
Animal problem at 28 Wilmot St., Mansfield.

July 21
Traffic offense at Crane Orchard Road and State Route 173, Bridgeport Bar.

July 22
Alarm at Bridgeport Liquor, 2520 Foster Creek Ave., Bridgeport.
Public assistance at 89 Columbia River Bluffs Rd., Mansfield.
Civil incident at 89 Columbia River Bluffs Rd., Mansfield.

July 23
Prowler at 1835 Tacoma Ave., Bridgeport.

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