Douglas County sheriffs Report

Feb. 27
Traffic offense at Bridge and Ferry streets in Brewster.
Traffic offense at 19th Street and Foster Creek Avenue in Bridgeport.
Agency assistance at 1301 Sunset in Brewster.

Feb. 28
Traffic offense at State Route 17, milepost 121 in Mansfield.

March 2
Harassment/threat at 1445 Tacoma Ave. in Bridgeport.
Welfare check at 1814 Tacoma Ave. in Bridgeport.
Vehicle theft at 1541 Columbia Ave., No. 5 in Bridgeport.

March 3
Agency assistance at 1308 Sunset in Brewster.

March 5
Alarm at 4 Ida Street on Bridgeport Bar.
Parking/abandoned vehicle at the 1600 block of Fisk Avenue in the alley in Bridgeport.
Traffic offense at Douglas Avenue and 17th Street in Bridgeport.

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