Douglas County Sheriff's Report

August 14

Public assistance at Diagonal Street and Arden Avenue on Bridgeport Bar.

Receiving stolen vehicle at the 1800 block of Foster Creek Avenue alley in Bridgeport.

Harassment/threat at Bridgeport City Hall, 1206 Columbia Ave. in Bridgeport.

Harassment/threat at 566 State Route 173 on Bridgeport Bar.

Illegal burn at 519 State Route 173 on Bridgeport Bar.

August 15

Traffic offense at Eighth Street and Columbia Avenue in Bridgeport.

Assault at 139 E. Railroad Ave. in Mansfield.

August 16

Welfare check at 32 Wilmot St. in Mansfield.

Noise at 521 Columbia Ave. in Bridgeport.

August 17

Animal problem at 102 Coronado St. on Bridgeport Bar.

Animal problem at the 444 22nd St. area in Bridgeport.

August 18

Traffic offense at the 1400 block of Fairview Avenue in Bridgeport.

Warrant at 520 State Route 173 on Bridgeport Bar.

Graffiti at 1106 Columbia Ave. in Bridgeport.

August 20

Trespass at 215 Arden Ave. on Bridgeport Bar.

Attempt to locate/attempt to contact at 400 Fairview Ave. in Bridgeport.

August 21, 2018 

Warrant at 1717 Foster Creek Ave. in Bridgeport.

Weapons violation at 320 Ninth St. in Bridgeport.

Suspicious incident at 817 Fairview Ave. in Bridgeport.

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