Douglas County Sheriffs Report

Sept. 18
Unknown accident at Dyer Hill road and Bridgeport Hill Road in Mansfield.
Animal problem behind 112 Sage St. on Bridgeport Bar.
Vehicle theft at 427 11th St. in Bridgeport.
Missing person at Bridgeport Elementary School, 1400 Tacoma Ave. in Bridgeport.

Sept. 20
Miscellaneous at Bridgeport High School 1220 Kryger St. in Bridgeport.
Non-injury accident at State Route 172, milepost 17 in Mansfield.

Sept. 21
Welfare check at 886 Highland Orchard Rd. in Bridgeport.
Malicious mischief at State Route 17, milepost 129 in Bridgeport.

Sept. 22
Animal problem at 1819 Fairview Ave. in Bridgeport.
Traffic offense at 10th Street and Douglas Avenue in Bridgeport.
Fraud/forgery at 1011 Douglas Ave. in Bridgeport.
Noise at 38 Buckingham Alley on Bridgeport Bar.

Sept. 23
Parking/abandoned vehicle at 1830 Tacoma Ave. in Bridgeport.
Traffic offense in Bridgeport.
Parking/abandoned vehicle at 131 Crane Orchard Rd. on Bridgeport Bar.
Animal problem at 1631 Tacoma Ave. in Bridgeport.
Missing person at 1505 Columbia Ave. in Bridgeport.

Sept. 24
Traffic offense at 200 Columbia Ave. in Bridgeport.
Traffic offense at Douglas Avenue and 11th Street in Bridgeport.

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