Douglas County Sheriffs Report

Oct. 9
Warrant at 16th Street and Fairview Avenue in Bridgeport.
911 at 22 AMC Rd. on Bridgeport Bar.
Traffic offense at 2400 Tacoma Ave. No. 9 in Bridgeport.
Injury accident at 17th Street and Douglas Avenue in Bridgeport.

Oct. 10
Public assistance at 1255 Fairview Ave., No. 17 in Bridgeport.
Animal problem at 386 Edson St. on Bridgeport Bar.
Alarm at 1041 Rd. 16 N.E. in Mansfield.
Vehicle theft at 15 Buckingham Alley on Bridgeport Bar.

Oct. 11
Traffic offense at 2600 Foster Creek Ave. in Bridgeport.
Disturbance at 580 N. Jameson Lake Rd. in Mansfield.
Traffic offense at Douglas Avenue and 10th Street in Bridgeport.

Oct. 12
Traffic offense at State Route 173, milepost 5 on Bridgeport Bar.
Alarm at 206 12th St. in Bridgeport.

Oct. 13
Non-injury accident at Pearl Hill Road and Road 15 N.E. in Bridgeport.
Property incident at Road 14 N.E. and Road K N.E. in Mansfield.
Trespass at Road 17 N.W. and Road C N.W. in Mansfield.
Theft at 316 Fairview Ave. in Bridgeport.
Noise next door to 613 Columbia Ave. in Bridgeport.
Trespass at the 800 block of Central Ferry Canyon Rd. on Bridgeport Bar.
Noise at the corner of 12th Street and Foster Avenue in Bridgeport.

Oct. 14
Trespass at Road 19 N.E. and Road K N.E. in Mansfield.

Oct 15
Alarm at Brewster Mfg., 62 Bailey Way on Bridgeport Bar.

Oct. 15
Harassment/threat at Bridgeport High School, 1220 Kryger Way in Bridgeport.
Missing person at 1424 Foster Ave. in Bridgeport.
Warrant at Ninth Street and Columbia Avenue in Bridgeport.

Oct. 16
Property incident at DCSO, 1206 Columbia Ave. in Bridgeport.

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