OKANOGAN & Douglas County Sheriff - August 9-19

Douglas County Sheriff
August 9
Non-injury accident at Bridgeport Hill Road, milepost 9,  Bridgeport.
Agency assistance at 503 S. Seventh St., Brewster.
Parking/abandoned vehicle at 326 12rh St., Bridgeport.
Sex offense at 1908 Fisk Ave., Bridgeport.
Child protective services/adult protective services at 46 Washburn Ave., Bridgeport.
Miscellaneous incident at 1125 Douglas Ave., Bridgeport.
August 11
Agency assistance at Quik-E-Mart, 2606 Foster Creek Ave., Bridgeport.
August 13
Public assistance at 335 E. Railroad Ave., Mansfield.
Agency assistance at the 0 block of Highland Drive, Bridgeport.
Drugs at Berryman Park, 2100 Fisk Ave., Bridgeport.
August 4
Animal problem at 9 Washburn Ave., Bridgeport.
Noise at 86 Gun Club Rd., Bridgeport.
Public assistance at 405 State Route 173, Bridgeport Bar.
Noise at 1122 Columbia Ave., Bridgeport.
Brewster Police Department
August 13
No Report.
August 14
Noise Complaint, S. 6th & Indian Ave., Brewster.
Noise Complaint, Marthas Rd., Brewster.
August 15
Non-Injury Accident, Hwy 97, Brewster.
Juvenile Problem, S. 4th St., Brewster.
August 17
Assault, Garfield St., Omak.
August 18
Suspicious Activity, Hwy 97.
Violate Order Hwy 97.
August 19
No Report.
Okanogan & Douglas County Sheriff
August 13
VIN Inspection, Stennes Point Dr., Pateros.
August 14
Missing Person, Long Dr., Pateros.
Illegal Burn, Pioneer Rd., Brewster.
Stray Animal, Pateros.
Homicide, Antoine Creek USFS 8140 Rd., Chelan.
Pornography, Evie Ln, La Presa Camp, Bridgeport.
August 15
Automobile Theft, Hwy 97, Gebbers Camp, Bridgeport.
August 16
Theft, Hwy 17, Bridgeport.
August 17
Suspicious, Highway 97.
Injury Accident, Lagrange Rd., Bridgeport.
August 18
Fireworks, Starr Rd. Area, Pateros.
August 19
No Report.


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