Douglas County Sheriff

April 28

15:03 Vehicle Prowl, 416 Wild Turkey Rd., Waterville

17:15 Traffic Offense, 1202 Fairview Ave., Bridgeport

20:22 Civil Dispute, 700 Fairview Ave., Bridgeport

April 29

11:30 Public Assist, 411 E. Birth St., Waterville

14:45 Domestic Disturbance, 924 Columbia Ave., Bridgeport

16:22 CPS/ APS Referral, 335 W. Railroad Ave., Mansfield

17:03 Noise Complaint, 540 Fairview Ave., Bridgeport

April 30

13:53 Public Assist, 411 E. Birch St., Waterville

20:46 Juvenile Problem, 237 11th St., Bridgeport

May 1

13:20 Traffic Offense, 22nd St. and Monroe Ave., Bridgeport

14:46 Civil Dispute, 411 E. Birch St., Waterville

May 2

09:26 CPS/ APS Referral, 1960 Monroe Ave, Bridgeport

09:45 Domestic Disturbance, 411 E. Birch St., Waterville

14:00 Harassment/ Threat, 100 Orondo School Rd., Orondo

15:44 Unknown-injury Accident, 21497 US Hwy. 97, Orondo

16:03 Public Assist, 37 Cedar Ave., Bridgeport

17:49 Welfare Check, 1395 Rd. C NW, Mansfield

May 3

07:58 Theft, Rd. 3 NW and Rd. H NW, Waterville

08:16 Animal Problem, 16 Sheldon St., Mansfield

16:58 Littering, Rd. 2 NW and Rd. P NW, Waterville

May 4

05:01 Non-injury Accident, 55 Crane Orchard Rd., Bridgeport

13:25 Suspicious Circumstance, 0 block Dow Ln., Bridgeport

13:55 Parking/ Abandoned Vehicle, 1100 block Columbia Ave., Bridgeport

15:34 Agency Assist, US Hwy. 2 and Rd. Q NW, Waterville

16:16 Juvenile Problem, 857 SR 173, Bridgeport Bar

19:51 Agency Assist, 800 E. Locust St., Waterville

May 5

8:51 Theft, 13920 US Hwy. 2, Orondo

14:55 Non-injury Accident, 1400 Tacoma Ave., Bridgeport

17:28 Juvenile Problem, 929 Maple St., Bridgeport

21:03 Civil Dispute, 411 E. Birch St., Waterville

21:25 Death, 1128 Columbia Ave., Bridgeport

Brewster Police Department

April 29

11:21 Malicious Mischief reported on S. Bridge St.

19:37 Agency Assist requested on W. Indian Ave. in Brewster for a caller reporting a large German Shepard with a puppy that was attacking cats in a backyard.

April 30

01:47 Transport requested on Hwy. 97 in Brewster for a friend who was having mental issues and hallucinating.

07:44 Traffic Hazard reported on Hwy. 97 in Brewster for pieces of cardboard that had been removed from the roadway.

19:40 Domestic Dispute reported on W. Cliff Ave. in Brewster with a 5-year-old child on the line and a male and female subject yelling in Spanish in the background.

23:33 Animal noise reported on S. 3rd St. and E. Indian Ave. in Brewster for a barking German Shepard.

May 1

11:01 Non-injury Accident reported on W. Cliff Ave. in Brewster between a subject in a red Jeep backing up in a lot and a male subject in a red truck coming too fast info it.

May 2

01:14 Suspicious Circumstance reported on S. 7th St. in Brewster due to the caller’s dogs barking for the last 5 minutes.

09:04 Harassment reported on Hwy. 97 in Brewster when a caller had altercations with a male subject sitting in a parking lot staring at employees.

10:40 Order Violation reported on 500 block Plaza Way in Brewster.

23:22 Suicide Attempt reported by a caller on North Star Rd. in Brewster.

May 3

01:35 Burglary reported on S. Main St. in Omak.

08:12 Parking Problem reported on W. Griggs Ave. when a caller’s vehicle was blocked by another vehicle.

11:04 Non-injury Accident reported on Hwy. 97.

18:52 Civil Dispute reported on N. Bridge St. when a caller reported a subject in a van taking things and he should not be there.

May 4

09:51 Civil Dispute reported on S 7th St.

12:48 Malicious Mischief reported on S. 7th St. for a smashed out back window of a Chevy GMC Sierra.

19:56 Hit-and-run Accident reported on Keller Ave. for someone that struck a brown Suburban and left a note but the callback listed was not valid.

May 5

No local reports.

Okanogan County Sheriff

April 29 - 30

No local reports.

May 1

17:24 Extra Patrol requested on Sunset Dr. in Brewster for an ongoing issue with speeders going toward 7th with loud exhausts, a red Mitsubishi and a gray car.

18:58 Stray Animal reported on Pioneer Ave. in Brewster for two Huskies in the caller’s yard with leashes attached to them.

May 2

09:26 Citizen Assist requested on W. Warren Ave. in Pateros for a caller that advised about a warrant for an arrest and the subject was supposed to be leaving for Texas tomorrow, the caller advised he bailed the subject out for a DUI and he skipped his court date.

23:22 Suicide attempt reported on North Star Rd. in Brewster.

May 3-5

No local reports.


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