Douglas County Sheriff

June 17

12:10 Animal Problem, 505 N. Warren St., Waterville

15:02 Civil Dispute, 1139 Fairview Ave., Bridgeport

15:20 Warrant, 920 Foster Ave., Bridgeport

18:58 911-call, 75 Fairview Ave., Bridgeport

21:10 Animal Problem, 19 Ida St., Bridgeport Bar

23:57 Malicious Mischief, 108 Pine St., Bridgeport Bar

June 18

05:04 Alarm, 1220 Kryger St., Bridgeport

08:40 Trespassing, 700 block SR 173, Bridgeport

09:23 Animal Problem, 45 McCormack St., Bridgeport

21:03 Noise Complaint, 16th St. and Raymond Ave., Bridgeport

21:20 Trespassing, 636 Columbia Ave., Bridgeport

21:24 Traffic Offense, SR 173 & McCormack St., Bridgeport

21:42 Parking/ Abandoned Vehicle, 1130 Columbia Ave., Bridgeport

June 19

01:00 Disturbance, SR 17 MP 136, Bridgeport

17:27 Civil Dispute, 109 Pine St., Bridgeport

June 20

11:11 Agency Assist, 246 SR 173, Bridgeport

15:42 Public Assist, 100 Sagebrush Rd., Waterville

23:32 Noise Complaint, 800 block Columbia Ave., Bridgeport

June 21

02:35 Trespassing, 309 S. Central Ave., Waterville

07:41 Animal Problem, 412 W. 2nd St., Waterville

11:35 Suspicious Circumstance, 0 block Rd. 25 NE area, Bridgeport

19:42 Agency Assist, US Hwy. 2 MP 144, Waterville

22:44 Noise Complaint, 8th St. and Columbia Ave., Bridgeport

June 22

07:34 Warrant, Grange Rd. and SR 173, Bridgeport

16:29 Public Assist, 321 S. Columbia Ave., Waterville

June 23

12:42 Warrant, SR 173 and Perkins Rd., Bridgeport

13:16 CPS/ APS Referral 309 S. Central Ave., Waterville

14:15 Miscellaneous, 800 E. Locust St., Waterville

14:17 Miscellaneous, 1431 Tacoma Ave., Bridgeport

14:23 Miscellaneous, 2014 Rd. L N.E., Mansfield

14:31 Miscellaneous, Columbia Ave., and SR 173, Bridgeport

16:03 Public Assist, 700 block Rd. K S.W., Waterville

21:11 Hazard, US Hwy. 2 MP 144, Waterville

21:44 Traffic Offense, 801 Jefferson Ave., Bridgeport

Brewster Police Department

June 17

11:35 Agency referral reported on River Plaza for a subject that may have been physically abused.

June 18

15:44 Natural disaster reported on SR 173 for a mudslide.

17:41 Parking problem reported on S. 2nd St. for a caller who’s mother owns a house and when they are are both at the location they don’t have a place to park.

June 19

21:56 Civil dispute reported on W. Cliff Ave. when a caller requested law enforcement to accompany her picking up an amount of loan money.

June 20

05:58 Breathing problem reported on E. Ferry Ave. for a 73-year-old female subject with difficulty breathing and a rapid heart rate.

09:13 Burglary alarm reported on N. 7th St. in a lobby.

June 21

13:11 Suspicious circumstance reported on Hwy. 97 in Brewster regarding 4-5 juveniles in a parking lot, one with a pistol.

20:37 Burglary alarm reported on E. Ansel Ave., in Brewster.

June 22

14:58 Welfare check requested on Paradise Hill Rd. in Brewster for a neighbor in a motorhome.

16:35 Citizen assist requested on S. 7th St. regarding a personal matter.

June 23

17:03 Extra patrol requested on S. 4th St. in Brewster in the area that they were setting up for the big garage sale.

19:56 A wildland fire was reported on Unger Rd. for a trash fire that got out of control.

20:02 Suicidal person reported on Beach St. in Pateros.

20:33 Civil dispute reported on W. Griggs Ave. in Brewster regarding a parenting plan and kids transfer.

Okanogan County Sheriff

June 17

07:43 Theft reported on Golf Course Dr. in Pateros for a missing post.

June 18

23:48 Noise complaint reported for loud music in the area of Blossom Ln. in Brewster.

23:53 Suspicious circumstance reported on Starr Rd. area when a caller could hear a subject yelling for 15-20 minutes.

June 19

No local reports.

June 20

10:39 Civil dispute reported on Pedersen Rd. in Pateros. The caller reported a mother had passed away and sisters were squatting in the house, the caller served them with an eviction notice at the end of May, but they changed the locks so she couldn’t get in or do inventory.

June 21

08:12 Hit-and-run accident reported on W. Warren Ave. in Pateros for a caller’s white Lincoln MKX that was struck on April 17th.

June 22

13:31 A 911-call was made from a location with four residences at it and an open line on Old Hwy. 97 in Brewster.

14:09 A welfare check was requested on W. Warren Ave., in Pateros for three children in a residence.

16:37 Citizen assist requested on West Raymond Rd. in Brewster about kids riding motorcycles and scooters in the tall grass up North Starr Rd. without supervision.

17:09 Welfare check requested on Hwy. 153 in Pateros for a caller’s father who had not been heard from since Sunday.

June 23

08:23 A caller on Unger Rd. reported her phone not working and only able to dial 911.

20:02 Suicidal person reported on S. 7th St. in Brewster.


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