OKANOGAN & Douglas County SherifF, Brewster Police Dept. June 3 - June 9

Douglas County Sheriff

June 3

08:20 Harassment/ Threat, 1627 Tacoma Ave., Bridgeport

08:40 Animal Problem, 201 Fairview Ave., Bridgeport

10:27 Traffic Offense, 1561 Rd. D NW, Mansfield

11:43 Fraud/ Forgery, 411 E. Birch St., Waterville

13:19 Weapons Violation, 285 Lakefront Dr., Orondo

16:30 Miscellaneous, 11 Port Rd., Bridgeport Bar

23:14 Noise Complaint, 929 Maple St., Bridgeport

June 4

00:12 Traffic Offense, SR 173, MP 4, Bridgeport

10:55 Trespassing, 70 Rd. 2 NE, Waterville

11:16 Animal Problem, 1011 1/2 Foster Ave., Bridgeport

17:58 Weapons Violation, Fireman Park, Bridgeport

19:09 Noise Complaint, 412 Columbia Ave., Bridgeport

21:06 Agency Assist, 716 E. Locust St., Waterville

22:29 Noise Complaint, 215 Cross St. area, Bridgeport

22:42 911-call, 1101 Columbia Ave., Bridgeport

June 5

01:32 Noise Complaint, 758 SR 173 area, Bridgeport

02:18 DUI, 900 block Maple St., Bridgeport

03:25 911-call, 100 W. Emerson Dr., Orondo

13:03 Non-injury Accident, McNeil Canyon and Rd. D NW, Mansfield

13:10 Aircraft, 685 Rd. 20 NW, Mansfield

14:37 Natural Disaster, 2020 Cullen Ave., Bridgeport

15:50 Injury Accident, Lucky Badger Rd. and Brays Landing, Orondo

16:54 Traffic Offense, 21st St. and Monroe Ave., Bridgeport

17:27 Non-injury Accident, 115 Singleton Rd., Orondo

18:37 Non-injury Accident, Orondo Spur Rd. and US Hwy. 2, Orondo

June 6

10:32 911-call, 1300 Douglas Ave., Bridgeport

15:56 Public Assist, 95 Spring Canyon Rd., Orondo

17:29 Graffiti, 600 block E. Locust St., Waterville

21:29 Domestic Disturbance, 250 McNeil Canyon Rd., Orondo

June 7

16:17 Parking/ Abandoned Vehicle, 522 S. Central Ave., Waterville

19:20 Traffic Offense, 11th St. and Foster Ave., Bridgeport

23:57 Prowler, 14 Sunflower Ln., Orondo

June 8

00:09 Civil Dispute, 305 S. Central Ave., Waterville

08:51 Agency Assist, 1395 Rd. C NW, Mansfield

10:37 Alarm, 372 Rd. 2 SW, Waterville

15:09 Harassment/ Threat, 929 Maple St., Bridgeport

19:21 911-call, 107 Whitlam Ave., Bridgeport

June 9

07:16 Malicious Mischief, 426 S. Harrison St., Waterville

08:44 Juvenile Problem, 106 Arden Ave., Bridgeport

11:17 Agency Assist, 1395 Rd. C NW, Mansfield

16:53 Welfare Check, 811 Jefferson Ave., Bridgeport

19:03 Theft, 250 McNeil Canyon Rd., Orondo

19:54 Noise Complaint, 800 E. Locust St., Waterville

20:30 Noise Complaint, 0 block Ida St., Bridgeport

21:49 Malicious Mischief, 8111 Jefferson Ave., Bridgeport

00:48 Noise, 1200 block Jefferson AVe., Bridgeport

Brewster Police Department

June 3

07:32 An injury accident was reported on B - O Rd. and Hwy. 20 with 2 vehicles blocking the roadway.

14:42 Trespassing reported on E. Main Ave. in Brewster.

15:30 Theft reported on Hwy. 97 at Lotus Coffee House.

16:05 Agency assist requested on Hwy. 17 in Bridgeport for a vehicle blocking one lane and debris in the other lane after a 2-vehicle collision.

18:18 Assault reported on W. Jay Ave. area in Brewster for a caller’s son that was also reportedly intoxicated.

June 4

01:23 Agency assist requested on Old Hwy. 97 and Hwy. 97 in Brewster.

23:44 A caller requested contact regarding a white Nissan Frontier truck that had been parked the last few hours on S. 4th St. in Brewster.

June 5

00:29 Suspicious circumstance reported on W. Cliff Ave. in Brewster when a caller reported a male subject outside the apartment checking vehicles and the caller could hear car alarms going off.

09:43 Agency assist requested on Starr Rd. in Pateros for help removing their girlfriend’s 17-year-old son out of the house.

11:35 Non-injury accident reported on Hwy. 97 at Brewster Marketplace with damage to the caller’s vehicle on the right side, both parties were on scene.

June 6

10:32 Civil dispute reported on S. 3rd St. in Brewster.

15:17 Injury accident reported on S. 7th St. in Brewster when a blue Jeep Patriot was rear ended by a silver SUV and the caller’s back was injured.

June 7

15:07 Weapons offense reported on S. 7th St. for gunshots near apartments, a bus driver radio’d in the call and the building was on lockdown.

June 8

10:44 Suspicious circumstance reported on S. Bridge St. in Brewster when three male subjects came to the caller’s residence asking how many people live in the house and heir names, Stated they were spraying for mosquitoes and weeds, stated they were from the City. The caller called the City and verified they didn’t send anyone out. The caller’s wife reportedly saw them stopping by other houses in the area. Subjects described as hispanic males, two of them were last seen wearing green construction jackets.

16:05 Vicious animal reported on S. 3rd St. in Brewster.

17:09 Disorderly conduct reported on Hwy. 97 for a customer yelling at a caller saying he’s going to call the cops due to an issue with Western Union.

19:24 Agency assist requested on Whitlam Ave. in Brewster for an open 911-line and a busy signal on call back.

June 9

No report available.

Okanogan County Sheriff

June 3

16:05 Fatal accident reported on Hwy. 17 in Bridgeport.

June 4

01:08 Noise complaint reported on Unger Rd. in Brewster for a party with loud music since the evening.

June 5

00:29 Agency assist requested on W. Cliff Ave. in Brewster for a male subject outside apartments checking vehicles and a car alarm was going off.

06:06 Unknown-injury accident reported on Lagrange Rd. in Bridgeport, a silver 90s sedan was down an embankment 100 feet below the road.

07:54 Domestic dispute reported on Clayborne Way in Brewster when a caller’s son was reportedly going crazy and making threats to kill.

09:43 Domestic dispute reported on Starr Rd. in Pateros.

June 6

14:57 Trespassing reported on Hunter Mountain Rd. in Pateros when a caller’s neighbor confronted a subject driving a gray Toyota Tacoma on their property, with them leaving at a high rate of speed.

June 7

No local reports.

June 8

11:57 Citizen assist requested on Cassimer Bar Rd. in Brewster regarding helicopters that are taking off from the airport, flying overhead all day, might take a break for an hour or two. They were reported blowing off any orchards, just doing circles overhead and the caller requested a call.

13:19 Theft reported on Monroe Orchards Rd. in Bridgeport for seven firearms missing from a residence. The owner was deceased and the caller was a personal rep appointed by Douglas County Superior Court.

17:09 Disorderly person reported on Hwy. 97 for a customer yelling at subjects, saying he’s going to call the cops about Western Union.

June 9

No report available.


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