Douglas County Sheriff

July 8

01:11 Noise Complaint, 822 Columbia Ave., Bridgeport

09:28 Civil Dispute, 2412 Highland Dr., Bridgeport

12:29 Public Assist, US Hwy. 97 and McNeil Canyon Rd., Orondo

13:08 Civil Dispute, 2412 Highland Dr., Bridgeport

20:32 Traffic Info, McNeil Canyon Rd. MP 4, Orondo

July 9

14:19 Welfare Check, 145 Osprey Dr., Bridgeport

17:28 Disturbance, Fireman Park, Bridgeport

23:30 Noise Complaint, 655 SR 173, Bridgeport Bar

July 10

10:51 Civil Dispute, 2412 Highland Dr., Bridgeport

11:15 Missing Person, 233 3rd St., Bridgeport

16:36 Extra Patrol, US Hwy. 2, MP 150, Waterville

19:51 Suspicious Circumstance, 400 Fairview Ave., Bridgeport

July 11

00:28 Agency Assist, 422 S. Harrison St., Waterville

06:45 Theft, 102 Fir Rd., Waterville

12:24 Theft, 700 Fairview Ave., Bridgeport

18:18 Fireworks, 811 Jefferson Ave., Bridgeport

19:53 Traffic Offense, 17 Washburn Ave., Bridgeport

21:31 Non-injury Accident, 1106 Columbia Ave., Bridgeport

22:04 Disturbance, 325 12th St., Bridgeport

23:12 Harassment/ Threat, 2018 Monroe Ave., Bridgeport

July 12

08:35 911-call, 1918 Columbia Blvd., Bridgeport

09:40 Animal Problem, 412 Fairview Ave., Bridgeport

18:04 Non-injury Accident, 17th St. and Douglas Ave., Bridgeport

22:16 Diversion, 310 Fairview Ave., Bridgeport

23:39 Suspicious Circumstance, 400 Fairview Ave., Bridgeport

July 13

12:45 Public Assist, 714 SR 173, Bridgeport Bar

20:38 310 Fairview AVe., Bridgeport

July 14

07:24 Burglary, 325 12th St., Bridgeport

09:17 Agency Assist, 102 S. Chelan Ave., Waterville

12:23 Theft, 109 W. Birch St., Waterville


Brewster Police Department

July 8

14:10 A suspicious circumstance was reported on W. Jay Ave. in Brewster.

19:52 An domestic assault was reported on W. Cliff Ave. in Brewster.

21:54 A black cow was reported in the roadway on Old Hwy. 97 in Brewster.

July 9

08:34 A patient transfer request was made on Plaza Way in Brewster.

15:05 An agency assist was requested on Hwy. 173 and S. Bridge St. in Brewster.

15:24 A hit-and-run accident was reported on W. Bruce Ave. when a caller reported arriving home to find his vehicle had been struck.

16:31 A civil dispute was reported on S. Bridge St., a caller’s 24-year-old son was suspected of taking their 2006 Mountaineer without asking and did not have permission to drive the vehicle in the past.

17:31 An agency assist was requested for two males physically fighting on Foster Ave. and 10th St. at Fireman’s Park, one was described as a white male subject in his 20’s.

22:02 Fireworks were reported on S. 1st St. in Brewster near the bridge.

21:05 A traffic offense was reported on W. Hanson Ave. and S. 5th St. when a caller reported damage to a black truck in a parking lot and did donuts in the gravel.

23:10 An agency assist was requested for a subject in a maroon Honda parked in the middle of the roadway on Paradise Hill Rd. and N. 7th St. in Brewster. The caller knocked on the window and the driver pulled his head up, looked around, then dropped his head again.

July 10

14:43 A non-injury accident was reported on Hwy. 97 in Brewster.

16:03 An assault twas reported on W. Cliff Ave. in Brewster, a caller’s 14-year-old son was in the car acting agressive, biting and pushing their stepdad.

23:02 An order violation was reported on W. Hanson Ave. in Brewster when a subject was threatening to kill a caller by shooting her.

July 11

11:32 A disabled vehicle was reported on N. 7th St. and W. Main Ave. in Brewster and a patrol car was used to help push it into a parking stall.

13:43 A caller on Hospital Way reported a lost wallet with a work permit, lost Thursday July 7.

22:07 An agency assist was requested on the 300 block of 12th St. in Bridgeport for a backup unit to assist with a male subject in the roadway yelling.

22:28 Fireworks were reported on E. Griggs Ave. and S. Bridge St. area in Brewster.

July 12

No local reports.

July 13

09:22 A caller reported a suspicious circumstance for a possibly plastic or possibly real gun that was reported by an employee a business on Hwy. 17.

19:54 A caller on S. Bridge St. in Brewster reported ongoing issues with a 13-year-old male subject verbally harassing and mimicking her, showing hand signs, and then he was joined by a group of juveniles.

22:35 A suspicious subject in a white GMC Tahoe was reported on W. Jay Ave. for prowling around the street, dropping off a male subject over by the bridge and were reported roaming around.

July 14

No local reports.


Okanogan County Sheriff

July 8

A black heifer cow with yellow ear tag was reported walking down the grade on Old Hwy. 97.

11:17 A citizen assist was requested at Pateros Mall.

16:36 A potential scam was reported on Bagwell Ln. in Brewster.

21:54 A caller believed there to be cows below the grade just N. of Monse River Rd. in Brewster.

July 9

No local reports.

July 10

No local reports.

July 11

10:55 Theft of a cordless standing light and pressure washer was reported from a job site sometime Saturday on North Star Rd. in Brewster.

10:59 A civil dispute was reported on Pateros Mall regarding rifles and payment not received.

14:50 Extra patrols were requested on Monse Bridge Rd. in Brewster for a couple days to “make sure the house doesn’t go up in flames” after a caller served an eviction notice to a tenant who was very angry, and the caller believed at least five people were living in the residence, possibly children and dogs.

17:02 Animal abuse was reported on Bill Shaw Rd. in Pateros for a chained up German Shepard with no water or shade and it appeared to have an injury to one of its legs. The caller tried to pond on the door and no one answered and vehicles were reported in the driveway. The caller gave the dog water before he left.

July 12

10:44 Vicious animals were reported on Golden Lane Rd. and Sunrise Way in Brewster, a caller reported being bitten by a Chihuahua and jumped on by two large German Shepards during her run.

18:40 A caller on LaGrange Rd. in Bridgeport reported a red colored van drove by and ran over the caller’s dog and broke its leg, then continued south as a hit-and-run accident.

18:19 Malicious mischief was reported on W. Warren Ave. in Pateros for a caller’s dads green Toyota Camry that was struck sometime overnight leaving damage to the driver side mirror.

July 13

00:12 A hit-and-run accident was reported on LaGrange Rd. in Bridgeport and the caller’s dog was injured.

09:22 A caller on Hwy. 97 in Bridgeport reported a subject with a plastic or possibly a real gun, reported by an employee at a local business.

13:06 A suspicious circumstance was reported on Lakeshore Dr. in Pateros.

14:05 A sex offense registration was reported on Unger Rd. in Brewster.

July 14

No local reports.


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