Douglas County Sheriff

Sept. 9

07:09 Agency Assist, 300 Sunset Way, Waterville

15:09 Public Assist, 770 Rd. 8 NW, Waterville

17:19 Harassment/ Threat, 217 E. Poplar St., Waterville

20:45 Welfare Check, 12th St. and Columbia Ave., Bridgeport

Sept. 10

11:11 Court Order Violation, 15410 US Hwy. 2, Waterville

13:02 Littering, 2600 block Highland Dr., Bridgeport

20:31 Noise Complaint, 1809 Raymond Ave., Bridgeport

Sept. 11

11:14 Burlgary, 400 27th St., Bridgeport

12:31 Agency Assist, 214 W. Poplar St., Waterville

19:55 Welfare Check, 22078 US Hwy. 97, Orondo

Sept. 12

09:27 Welfare Check, 200 2nd St., Bridgeport

09:32 Public Assist, 1000 16th St., Bridgeport

11:28 Juvenile Problem, 210 E. Locust St., Waterville

13:05 Welfare Check, 62 N. Douglas Creek Rd., Waterville

16:55 Trespassing, 315 S. Greene St., Waterville

16:56 Public Assist, 110 S. Mansfield Blvd., Mansfield

Sept. 13

12:22 Vehicle Prowl, 1390 Rd. F NW, Mansfield

15:30 Disturbance, 309 S. Central Ave., Waterville

18:20 Animal Problem, 310 Fairview Ave., Bridgeport

Sept. 14

11:22 Animal Problem, 311 Rd. 8 NW, Waterville

11:48 Animal Problem, 1951 Monroe Ave., Bridgeport

13:05 Agency Assist, 310 Fairview Ave., Bridgeport

15:34 Extra Patrol, Rd 14 NE and Main St., Mansfield

17:37 Warrant, 500 26th St., Bridgeport

19:08 Agency Assist, 310 Fairview Ave., Bridgeport

Sept. 15

07:44 Non-injury Accident, Badger Mtn. Rd. MP 18, Waterville

08:17 Parking/ Abandoned Vehicle, 24 Crystal Moon Rd., Orondo

12:00 Juvenile Problem, 200 E. Birch St., Waterville

12:29 Agency Assist, 310 Fairview Ave., Bridgeport



Brewster Police Department

Sept. 7

12:41 A caller reported a suspicious white male subject holding a machete walking northbound, then up and down Monse River Rd. in Brewster.

13:42 A 911-hangup call was received from Plaza Way in Brewster.

14:39 A wanted person was reported on Monse River Rd.

15:50 A second unit was requested for a situation that was violent on Maple St. in Brewster.

Sept. 8

09:50 A disabled vehicle was reported on S. 7th St. and W. Indian Ave. in Brewster and NAPA was delivering a battery.

11:34 A domestic dispute was reported on E. Ester Ave. in Brewster.

15:40 An alarm was reported on S. Bridge St. in Brewster for about an hour and it was unknown if anyone was inside the residence.

17:22 A noise complaint was received on S. 7th St. and W. Cliff Ave. in Brewster involving a subject described as a younger hispanic male driver, in a red BMW car with no front plate and loud exhaust.

Sept. 9

19:45 A medium size brown and white stray dog was reported running loose on S. 7th St. at the Brewster grade school.

20:04 Aerial fireworks were reported in the S. 1st St. area in Brewster.

Sept. 10

10:37 A caller at Brewster Marketplace reported a 40-year-old hispanic male subject that was highly intoxicated and they wanted him to leave.

Sept. 11

19:13 A domestic dispute was reported on W. Cliff Ave. in Brewster for a caller’s 14-year-old brother that was being aggressive towards her and her mother, grabbing them.

22:57 A stray animal reported as Bruno was at a caller’s residence on S. 7th St. in Brewster.

Sept. 12

10:50 A 911-hangup call was received from W. Main Ave. in Brewster.

Sept. 13

01:02 A subject was reporting doing drugs in the bathroom at a location on Hwy. 97.

20:47 A possible domestic dispute was reported on S. 4th St. for a commotion at apartments, the caller could hear a spanish-speaking male and female subjects and heard banging on the walls.

Sept. 14

19:14 A caller in Brewster reported a subject threatened to kill him.

Sept. 15

No local reports.


Okanogan County Sheriff

Sept. 8

00:56 A citizen dispute was reported on Paradise Hill Rd. in Brewster, a subject was a minor and possibly drinking either in Brewster or Bridgeport.

13:06 A vin inspection was requested on Pedersen Rd. in Pateros for seven older vehicles, approximately 50s or 60s year models.

Sept. 9

08:05 An ongoing issue with barking dogs was reported on Mountain View Dr. in Brewster that happened 6-10 a.m. nearly daily.

10:25 An abandoned gray 4-door Jeep was left on a caller’s property on Hwy. 153 with For Sale signs on it and no license plates, for two days.

11:06 A caller reported a suspicious circumstance in that someone had been messing with the irrigation pump that goes into the river on Old Hwy. 97A in Brewster.

19:41 An order violation was reported on Stennes Point Dr. in Pateros when a subject revved her diesel engine at the caller’s children while they were picking fruit on his property.

Sept. 10

21:51 A caller on North Star Rd. in Brewster reported finding meth in a residence and was concerned a baby there could have gotten it. The caller advised it was an ongoing issue.

Sept. 11

06:14 A neighbor was reported burning trash on North Star Rd. in Brewster.

19:14 A civil dispute was reported on North Star Rd. in Brewster and they requested a call for options.

Sept. 12

No local reports.

Sept. 13

06:54 A red, 4-door, ’95 Honda Civic was reported stolen from Monse Bridge Rd. The title and registration were in the vehicle and it was locked.

Sept. 14

12:57 A traffic hazard was reported on North Star Rd. in Brewster when a caller reported getting run off the road by a subject driving a dump truck.

19:14 A caller in Brewster reported a subject threatened to kill him.

Sept. 15

20:22 A caller on W. Warren Ave. and N. Eveline St. in Pateros reported a suspicious loud crash and a juvenile in a gray hoodie was walking towards the tennis courts.






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