OKANOGAN & Douglas County SherifF, Brewster Police Dept September 8 - 14

Douglas County Sheriff’s Office

September 8

07:45 Trespassing, 335 E. Railroad Ave., Mansfield

08:15 Welfare Check, 636 Columbia Ave., Bridgeport

11:30 Theft, 200 E. Birch St., Waterville

15:55 Animal Problem, 123 State Ave., Bridgeport

17:05 911-call, 539 River View Dr., Orondo

18:56 Burglary, 451 McNeil Canyon Rd., Orondo

20:12 Suspicious Circumstance, 30 Mountain Spring Rd., Orondo


September 9

09:19 Harassment/ Threat, 102 S. Chelan Ave., Waterville

10:33 Juvenile Problem, 1445 Tacoma Ave., Bridgeport

12:58 Domestic Disturbance, 102 S. Chelan Ave., Waterville

19:48 Information US Hwy. 2 MP 144, Waterville

22:08 Noise Complaint, 1717 Fisk Ave., Bridgeport


September 10

14:18 Juvenile Problem, 228 Grange Rd., Bridgeport

21:24 Traffic Offense, Alaska and Kittitas Streets


September 11

00:51 Non-injury Accident, 21318 US Hwy. 97, Orondo

11:24 Parking/ Abandoned Vehicle, 402 S. Chelan Ave., Waterville


September 12

08:32 Harassment/ Threat, 505 16th St., Bridgeport

08:33 Parking/ Abandoned Vehicle, 100 block E. Park St., Waterville

12:06 Fraud/ Forgery, 56 Orchard Pl., Orondo

12:30 Welfare Check, 206 Davis Ave., Bridgeport

13:43 Suicide Threat, Pine View Dr., Orondo

17:32 Disturbance, 45 McCormack St., Bridgeport


September 13

08:08 CPS/ APS Referral, 1417 Columbia Ave., Bridgeport

11:20 Swat, 2340 Monroe Ave., Bridgeport

13:33 Public Assist, 226 W. 1st St., Waterville

18:05 Civil Dispute, 36 Warehouse Loop Rd., Orondo


September 14

07:34 Alarm, 260 Vineyard Dr., Orondo

08:42 Public Assist, 700 Fairview Ave., Bridgeport

08:54 Alarm, 11 E. Shore St., Orondo

15:51 Juvenile Problem, 130 S. Mansfield Blvd., Mansfield

20:52 Traffic Offense, Pearl Hill Rd. and SR 17, Bridgeport



Brewster Sheriff’s Department

September 8

12:34 A caller on N. Main St. in Omak requested to talk to an offer at the Brewster Police Department about a community event held Sunday.


September 9

No local reports.


September 10

00:17 A civil matter was reported on Brewster Grange Rd. and everyone was packing things up and leaving.

00:49 A vicious animal was reported on E. Douglas Ave. when a neighbor’s dog was barking and lunged at her son.

14:57 A welfare check was requested for a subject in E. Indian Ave. for a 29-year-old female, then the subject arrived back at the location.

18:33 Two stray Huskies were reported on Hwy. 97 and were enroute to the pound.

20:53 Customers ran out of the store with a soda on Hwy. 97 and the caller requested they be trespassed.


September 11

11:17 Fraud was reported on W. Jay Ave.

10:53 A stray animal was reported at Brewster soccer field.


September 12

13:22 A disorderly male subject threw a urinal and was reported destroying the room on Hospital Way.

17:35 An agency assist was requested for a disturbance when a subject was outside the caller’s brother’s residence reportedly attempting to beat him.

11:37 An agency assist was requested for an officer to standby in the area of Hwy. 173 and Crane Orchard Rd.


September 13

15:43 Harassment was reported on S. 3rd St. in Brewster.

17:51 Malicious mischief was reported on W. Hanson Ave. and S. 5th St.  for vandalism on the ground of the parking lot after someone drove erratically in the gravel and ruined it.


September 14

16:16 A disorderly female subject was reported yelling and screaming on Hwy. 97 near a dumpster, reportedly intoxicated or high and the caller requested her be removed. The subject was given a courtesy ride.



Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office

September 10

00:17 A civil dispute was reported on Brewster Grange Rd.


September 11

16:42 A civil dispute was reported on Stenos Point Dr. in Pateros when a caller’s neighbor was reportedly making false reports on him because of a lawsuit.

17:34 A motorhome was reported towing a trailer and appeared to have driven off the roadway into the ditch on Hwy. 97 in Brewster.


September 12

09:22 A citizen assist was requested on W. Warren Ave. in Pateros to get a civil standby order in place.

12:09 An assault was reported on Monse Bridge Rd. and the caller advised he was picked up the previous night in a gray pickup and taken to an unknown location and held at gun point and was assaulted and beat up.

18:23 A caller reported a white male subject at the boat launch doing strange movements dancing around, and not doing anything illegal, just acting weird.


September 13

15:57 Fraud was reported on Schnibbe Rd. when a caller’s son had stolen checks and they needed a report number.


September 14

15:34 An injury accident was reported on Old Hwy. 97.


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