Thursday, May 30, 2024

2018 election results: Now what do we do?


Most of the 2018 elections are done, except for the “certification”, which is normally a rubber stamp of the results.
The Dems now have the House and the GOP increased their slim lead in the Senate by two seats ... maybe.

No matter which way you voted, what does or can the average citizen do now? I have a simple answer, but it requires a bit of labor. The answer is - diligence. Keep the faith in Democracy and that means keep a watch on those you voted for to make sure they keep their promises.

I may sound simplistic when I say President Trump has retained his popularity by keeping his campaign promises, but he has kept many of them and that is a good thing for his base, Republicans, conservatives in general and some may argue - for the country as a whole.

Here are Trump’s major campaign promises:
1) Supreme court appointees? Check! Trump has gotten two conservative jurors onto the highest bench in the land - SCOTUS.
2) Trade barriers? Check! Trump has renegotiated several key treaties.
Here are the other nine major promises Trump made during his barnstorming-style campaigning in 2016:
3) Build a wall and make Mexico pay for it. Not yet, not ever.
4) Ban Muslims from entering the United States. Not happening.
5) ‘Bring manufacturing (jobs) back’ --- still waiting.
6) Repeal Obamacare. Not happening soon ... or ever.
7) Leave Social Security as is. Check! So far, so good.
8) Cut taxes. Check! More cuts could happen.
9) Cancel the Iranian nuclear development deal. Check!
10. Take the oil from ISIS. Never happened, never will.
11) Move American Embassy to Jerusalem. Check! Despite brief protests.

Trump, in his first two years, has kept six out of 11 promises listed above. Here’s the rub, now that the Democrats control the House, chances are his promise keeping will come to an end.

Matter of fact, so may Trump’s presidency.

On a local level, it will soon be evident which promises are going to be fulfilled by which candidates. Only time will tell who was just pandering to their base and whom actually will do what they said they would.

The best revenge for all the “liars” is to vote them out of office come next election. The American way is not violence, but change via the ballot box. Unfortunately mail bombers and other domestic terrorists are part of the 10 percent mentally unstable citizens we have to deal with on a daily basis who do not want peaceful change.

Luckily for our vibrant democracy, the sane 90 percent will keep our system of checks and balances well greased and humming along until the next November and so on and so forth ad infinitum.

It has been apparent for many years now that more mental health intervention among that 10 percent of the mentally unhinged is needed to protect the rest of us.

The million dollar question is - how does society stop these mass shootings without abusing civil rights? Is this issue in God’s hands? It must be, for no mere human has yet to figure this dilemma out.

Editor’s Note: As of press deadline, Florida, Georgia and Arizona results are still in dispute. Recounts are underway as well as lawsuits.  


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