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6 safety tips during darker nights this season


STATEPOINT -  During the long dark nights of fall and winter, concerns about personal safety may increase. Whether commuting for work or class, getting in an evening run, or walking the dog, you likely need to carry out daily activities long after the sun goes down.

To help keep you safe, David Nance, founder of the SABRE Personal Safety Academy, shares six essential tips, along with safety product recommendations:

1. Make a plan before going out. Tell someone you trust your plans and be sure to keep them posted of your whereabouts.

2. Plan for darkness. When it matters most, you don’t want to be fumbling around in your bag or on your bedside table for a way to protect yourself. A first-of-its-kind tool, the SABRE Glow in the Dark Pepper Spray with Quick Release Key Ring is easy to find. Charged for as little as five minutes by any light source, the neon green illuminance can shine for as long as two hours, helping you stay prepared.

3. Use night walking safety rules. Don’t walk in the street. Use well-lit sidewalks, avoiding dark areas with lots of shrubbery. Go in the opposite direction of traffic so you can see what’s coming and whenever possible, walk with a friend. In a dark parking garage? Be extra alert.

4. Get tech support. Though looking at a smartphone while walking isn’t safe, your tech devices can actually help protect you from dangerous situations when used wisely. For example, the free SABRE Personal Safety App sends help alerts to selected contacts with your location when the in-app alert button is pressed or when SABRE SMART Pepper Spray is deployed.

5. Light your way. Practically speaking, you may not always be able to stick exclusively to well-lit areas, but a multifunctional tool can keep you prepared to protect yourself against threats while also helping you stay aware of your surroundings. Serving double-duty, the SABRE PepperLight includes a maximum strength pepper spray while illuminating any dark area with 750 lumens, visible up to 540 feet. Another illuminating tool is the brand’s Personal Alarm With LED Light And Snap Hook, which also features an alarm audible up to 1,250 feet, giving users an additional level of protection.6. Wear reflective gear. Make yourself visible to cars and cyclists whenever you’re running or walking in the dark with reflective apparel and gear, such as the SABRE Pepper Gel Runner Series with UV Marking Dye. Its adjustable hand strap and reflective logo offer protection and visibility. It’s also a good choice as winter winds howl. Unlike pepper spray, pepper gel resists wind blowback.

Products from SABRE are available nationwide at Walmart, Target, Amazon, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Lowe’s, Menards, Academy and Bass Pro Shops, among other national retailers. While it’s legal to carry these safety products in all 50 states, check local laws. For more information and safety tips, visit

“While cold dark nights can create a sense of unease, the right tools and safety strategies can give you confidence and peace of mind this season,” says Nance.



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