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Douglas County Sheriff

Jan. 20

19:58 Traffic Offense, SR 173 MP 8, Bridgeport Bar

22:29 Suspicious Circumstance, 88 Washburn Ave. area, Bridgeport

Jan. 21

02:52 Burglary, 1804 Raymond Ave., Bridgeport

15:47 Domestic Disturbance, 108 Pine St., Bridgeport Bar

19:25 Agency Assist, 0 block Ruud Canyon Rd., Waterville

Jan. 22

07:37 Non-injury Accident, 1222 Fairview Ave., Bridgeport

07:58 Marine, Beebe Bridge east side, Orondo

16:27 Trespassing, Brandts Landing, Bridgeport

23:56 Traffic Offense, 1200 block Columbia Ave., Bridgeport

Jan. 23

09:59 Public Assist, 275 Lakefront Dr., Orondo

12:48 Suspicious Circumstance, 2415 Tacoma Ave., Bridgeport

15:24 Miscellaneous, 1300 Douglas Ave., Bridgeport

Jan. 24

12:08 Agency Assist, SR 173 and Church Rd., Bridgeport

14:21 Drugs, 1220 Kryger St., Bridgerport

Jan. 25

07:37 Suspicious Circumstance, Rd. C NW and Rd 15 NW, Mansfield

14:15 Public Assist, 174 Muleteer Rd., Waterville

15:42 Animal Problem, Rd. L NE and Rd. 28 NE, Bridgeport

17:00 Malicious Mischief, 401 S. Harrison St., Waterville

20:31 Traffic Offense, SR 173 MP 8, Bridgeport

21:24 Diversion, 45 McCormack St., Bridgeport

Jan. 26

01:37 Suspicious Circumstance, 1220 Kryger St., Bridgeport

14:38 Civil Dispute, 102 S. Chelan Ave., Waterville

15:12 Welfare Check, 929 Maple St., Bridgeport

15:31 CPS/ APS Referral, 250 McNeil Canyon Rd., Orondo

16:51 Suspicious Circumstance, McNeil Canyon Rd. MP 7, Orondo

Brewster Police Department

Jan. 20

19:11 A citizen contact was requested on Hwy. 97 at Exxon in Brewster.

Jan. 21

15:49 An agency assist was requested on Pine St. and SR 173 involving a domestic violence report that was physical and the parties were separated.

21:44 A welfare check was requested on S. 4th St. for a mother that was not allowing the caller to talk to the daughters.

22:12 Juvenile runaways were reported when a caller on S. 4th St. in Brewster reported their 13-year-old daughter and her friend were having a sleepover and that they were gone.

Jan. 22

11:04 A vicious animal was reported on W. Cliff Ave. in Brewster when dogs at large tried to bite a caller’s child, described as a black dog; a Husky and Pitbull.

Jan. 23

17:06 A caller reported someone was trying to hurt him on Hospital Way, the caller was on the road and said it was his family.

18:23 A traffic offense was reported on Hwy. 97 and the driver was advised to wait for a licensed driver.

22:38 A citizen assist was requested on N. 7th St. and W. Main Ave. in Brewster for a caller stating he was in crisis and was paranoid that everyone was trying to kill him.

Jan. 24

14:43 A citizen assist was requested on S. 7th St. and W. Griggs Ave. when a caller thought a bunch of cars were following him.

Jan. 25

01:48 A citizen assist was requested on W. Indian Ave. for a 41-year-old male subject reporting anxiousness and felt like someone was outside going to get him.

07:49 An unattended small child was reported in a vehicle on S. 7th St. in Brewster.

14:42 Trespassing was reported on W. Indian Ave. when a caller’s wife advised an unknown male subject was on the property near the carport.

15:58 A caller on W. Cliff Ave. reported issues with dogs and someone had tried to cut into the caller’s fence.

16:14 A parking problem was reported on S. Bridge St. for a white vehicle parked in the middle of the alley, blocking it completely.

Okanogan County Sheriff

Jan. 20

12:05 A non-injury accident was reported when a white Ford Excursion was on its side off the roadway and oil was leaking on the roadway on Old Hwy. 97 in Brewster.

13:34 A caller on Hwy. 153 in Pateros reported a vehicle tried passing them and went in a snowbank, the subject was not getting out of the vehicle, a black Volkswagen. Another person pulled over and advised the subject hit them when passing.

14:55 A caller on West Indian Ave. in Brewster reported a county plow truck went past, struck a mailbox and it was left in the street.

15:10 Items were reported stolen from Brewster Car Care including freight, auto parts.

15:46 An animal problem was reported on Pedersen Rd. in Pateros for a dog jumping over a fence to mate with the caller’s dog.

Jan. 21-22

No local reports.

Jan. 23

21:12 A suspicious caller reported seeing the same cars driving by multiple times on W. Indian Ave. and was concerned he was being followed and thought he was about to be killed.

Jan. 24

No local reports.

Jan. 25

15:19 A welfare check was requested on Monse Bridge Rd. when a caller lent a vehicle to a female subject for three days prior to purchasing it, and she was last known to be at a motel.


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