Sunday, May 19, 2024

Brewster residents: LOCK your cars!

“He likes to drive…:”


BREWSTER – Police Chief Marcos Ruiz solved a one-man crime wave and recovered four stolen vehicles – three from Brewster Flats and one from downtown Brewster – taken by a suspect who confessed to the Chief that “he likes to drive.”

Ruiz mentioned the stolen vehicles as part of his report to the meeting of the Brewster City Council last Thursday, April 20.

“I quickly determined who that was, and an arrest was made,” said Ruiz.

The Chief was questioning the suspect in connection with a pickup that was taken from the school bus garage and learned that the same individual was behind the other stolen vehicles as well.

Council member John Housden was curious about how the culprit started the purloined vehicles.

“With keys,” said Ruiz, “People leave their keys in their cars, unlocked. He just goes around, checking doors, finds an open one, there’s the keys, drives around - he thinks he’s The Fast and the Furious - parks it, and finds another one.”

Ruiz said it was frustrating that of the five individuals who had their vehicles stolen, only two wanted to press charges.

“They don’t want to deal with going to court,” Ruiz said.


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