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Bridgeport Planning Commission focuses on non-motorized pedestrian access


BRIDGEPORT – The Bridgeport Planning Commission concentrated on the development of a city non-motorized pedestrian access plan at its regular monthly meeting last Wednesday, Sept. 7. The first step in the process requires a review of the transportation element of the city’s existing comprehensive plan.

Commission chair Leslie Robb turned the discussion over to city planner Kurt Danison who referred to the specific parts of the comp plan’s transportation element which needsto be changed or expanded.

Danison explained that the state Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Recreation Conservation Office (RCO) each have a stake in city transportation improvements. A plan for one does not mean a plan that satisfies both.

“A sidewalk along a roadway is a transportation improvement but not a recreational improvement,” said Danison, “If you have a trail that’s not in the public right-of-way, it is a recreation improvement not a transportation improvement.”

Danison cited the PUD-built walking trail that connects Marina Park and Conklin Landing as an example of a non-motorized recreational improvement. He explained each component of the transportation improvements  except for the bicycle and pedestrian improvements.

“What we need to do is either expand it in here or actually have a separate non-motorized transportation plan,” Danison said of the needed changes.

The commission will also address several other improvements coming to the city, including new gateway signs, a tree sculpture parking lot and kiosk panel, and a major upgrade of Berryman Park.  The latter made possible through an RCO grant will include pedestrian trails in its plan.

The commission held a Berryman Park kickoff meeting last July that included the following components in its scope:

• New picnic shelter and concrete slab.

• 250 linear feet of new 4-foot playground fencing.

• New entrance and interpretative signs.

• New restroom.

• 450 linear feet of new 10-foot type 1 basketball court fencing.

• New playground equipment.

• Resurfaced sports courts for basketball, pickleball, and tennis.

• New furnishings including 10 picnic tables, 5 benches, 8 garbage receptacles.

• 900 lineal feet of 5-foot-wide concrete ADA-compliant trail pathway.

• Parking improvements including 3 new unpaved and one  ADA-compliant paved site.

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