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Bridgeport ties up city projects ahead of winter

Council approves $41K for truck


BRIDGEPORT – Winter is getting close enough that the public works department is buttoning up some projects and closing out others.

Superintendent of Public Works Stuart Dezellem has been trying without success for some weeks to resolve a change order request with contractor Pease & Sons to replace two lab doors on the city’s newly built wastewater treatment plant.

 In consultation with city engineers Gray & Osborne, Dezellem is going to close out the project without the contractor’s signature.

“I’ve got quotes on the doors,” Dezellem said. “We’re going to require Pease & Sons to give us $2,400 per door and the BOD incubator is $5,200…and force them to give us $10-11,000 in credit. It can be legally done and here it is Sept 23, and it’s time to close the project out.”

The booster pump and generator are both on site at Reservoir #2 and awaiting connection by electrical contractor Midland who will do so when some remaining items arrive. The portable trailer-mounted generator has been delivered and awaiting the pad mount for well #2 that is scheduled to deliver sometime in October.

Dezellem said there 28 new water meters remain to be installed of which 17 will be done in October and 11 of others will require digs in the ground next year.

A second bid has been received for the electrical work in the public pool pump room. Of the two bidders, Kruse Electric in Omak and Schmidt Electric in Wenatchee, Schmidt at $23,927 was the lower, with Kruse at $24,801.

“I believe we were using ARPA (American Rescue Plan Act) dollars,” Dezellem said.

The reconditioned bowhide applicator in Spokane that the city purchased to resurface the inside of the public pool is ready for Dezellem to learn how to operate. Following some trial applications, Dezellem will bring the unit back to Bridgeport to recoat the pool surface as weather permits.

The city has collected $7,000-plus from surplus sales on the public auction website and Dezellem has plans for some of that money.

“I would like to take $2,900 of that and buy a new brush mower off state bid through John Deere,” Dezellem said.

The council approved the purchase.

Rather than dump $11,000-$13,000 into repair costs of a well-used 1985 single axle International truck with a tired engine that the city has used for street sanding, Dezellem proposed purchasing a 1998 International truck with a plow and sandbox for $37,000 plus tax.

The city authorized Dezellem a maximum of $41,000 to purchase another truck.

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