Thursday, June 20, 2024

Chamber cleanup crew tidies up town for Bridgeport Daze


BRIDGEPORT—The city streets are cleaner today thanks to the efforts of a dedicated and ambitious crew of residents who volunteered their time to make them so.

About 40 adults, school students, and family members gathered at city hall last Wednesday evening, June 5, to pick up trash between the city sign on the east end of town to Fireman Park on the west end.

Everyone gathered in front of city hall at 6:30 p.m., divided into teams, and set out.

“We had six groups,” said Sanchez. “Some started east, and some west and we met in the middle.”

“We do this every year, and it usually goes unnoticed,” said Chamber of Commerce President Jose Sanchez. “This year we promoted it and got high schoolers involved.”

The promotion drew more volunteers than usual, and with those numbers, the campaign was completed before 8 p.m. A pickup hauled 10 full bags to the dumpster.

Afterward, the volunteers were treated to tacos and soft drinks.

“We thought maybe we should have something to thank everyone for their help,” Sanchez said.

Bridgeport Plaza donated the meat for the tacos. Antojitos La Playa provided the drinks.

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