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Hurtado brothers to open new Farmers Market in Brewster


BREWSTER – Barring any last-minute delays, a new Farmers Market will open for business in Brewster on the last weekend of this month.
Brothers Manny and Martin Hurtado have set Saturday, April 29, as the day they will open for business at Sixth and Main streets. The Hurtados appeared at the Brewster City Council meeting, Wednesday, April 12, to advise council members that they have been performing their due diligence with respect to city codes, ordinances and regulations to ensure they are in full compliance.
Manny said he also compiled a small notebook for each prospective vendor that includes applicable codes and other information so participants will know what is required and to help the Hurtados “get just the right people in our Farmers Market.”
Martin added that they have researched Farmers Markets in nearby cities like Chelan and Entiat to see how those cities regulate their markets and what they allow in comparison to Brewster.
“For example, you can have coffee for sale,” said Martin of other market venues, “and kettle corn and different things that we are not allowed to do.”
Martin said they will revisit council if they find that customer requests warrant discussion regarding code adjustments.
“I believe we’re all learning what to do with this Farmers Market and we’re going to follow what’s there now,” said Manny, “but in the future if we find that there’s something that the community is really enjoying then we’ll bring it back to the council and say, ‘how about if we add this?’”
City clerk Misty Ruiz asked what items the market will offer for sale.
“Our code says no hot foods, so that’s definitely out of the question,” said Manny. “But we’ll have fresh flowers, fresh fruits and vegetables, honey, handicrafts and “pretty much what any other Farmers Market has.”
Manny said one of the opportunities the new market will offer is a site for business or organizations, like the Brewster Boys and Girls Club, to have a booth to distribute information about their programs and services.

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