Sunday, February 25, 2024

Iranian chickens are home to roost


The Iranian Ayatollahs are spinning on their prayer mats with fear and confusion because they never figured the millions of terrorists they have funded all over the world would ever come home to roost.

Well, they have.

A military parade in late September was the target and more than two dozen were killed. I remember when another military parade took the life of Anwar Sadat in Egypt. It was 1983.
I remember it vividly because I was attending the Defense Information School (DINFOS) when it was in Indianapolis. I was a Marine sergeant and my specialty was photojournalism.

An officer in the Egyptian armed forces was also attending class at DINFOS. I know that because I saw one running full speed down the hallway when he heard about the incident. He was headed to the airport to get back to Cairo. His world was suddenly upside down.

Here we are 35 years later and another Middle Eastern country may be close to collapse. If only a little American know-how nudge could be employed to make that happen?

I laugh at those who think Trump is an idiot or doesn't understand world affairs. Here's what's going to happen within the next two years. America will actually support anti-Mullah forces in several countries (including it's own ally and NATO member Turkey).

This is what former President Barrack Obama could've done years ago, but he didn't. I believe Trump will. What I really mean is that I believe Mike Pompeo will do it regardless of whether Trump or Pence is president.

Pompeo will surreptitiously aid the forces of democracy against the tyrannical Mullahs.

These so-called "men of God" have been funneling millions if not billions of dollars and personnel into places like Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq, Egypt, Turkey, Afghanistan and even more.
The Mullahs agitate their base with hate speeches. America is the "Great Satan"  and Israel must be wiped off the map. These are not people-friendly concepts.

Here's what my crystal ball sees: Another Iranian Revolution to shift the balance of power back to the civilian middle and upper classes. These are non-clergy, Westernized people sick and tired of carrying water for the elitist religious factions.

There was an old rock song by the British band The Clash back in the '80s. It had lyrics like these: "The Shereef don't like it! Rockin' the Casbah, Rock the Casbah!" It involved jet fighters and religion - so what's not to love?

Iran's wish to portray us as Satan will materialize when its leaders end up in the fire of the masses wanting true freedom. Our intel, weapons, tacit approval and covert ops will help Turkey as well to depose its Tyrant. Another one of these gangsters that hide behind "men of the cloth."

The reason it will happen within the next two years is because 2020 is the next presidential election and America will take its gloves off when dealing with these international religious fascists.

That means the American people will vote to keep the GOP in power as is customary for the electorate to do during times of war. Yes, we will indeed be at war again before the next presidential election.

Part of the reason for that is simple. The Middle Eastern religious zealots will take revenge on us by utilizing a rash of terrorist attacks, which will  only harden our souls and confirm our reason for regime change in the first place.

Israel, the only democracy in the region, will continue its overt and covert efforts at maintaining a firewall against radicals Islamic terrorists. When 9-1-1 first happened 17 years ago I wrote a column advocating for all American muslims to consider joining the CIA or FBI to help stop terrorism both foreign and domestic from the inside as undercover operatives.

I am sure a few of them have joined these vital agencies and I am sure they have helped thwart both foreign and domestic incidents that we will never know about.

The Iranians ought to understand that when Americans are threatened we come together to stop evil in its tracks. We did this against Hitler and we will do it again against religious zealots whose philosophies belong in the Dark Ages.

America itself was started by those fleeing religious persecution and there are enough Westernized Iranians already in country and waiting for real help to overthrow the tyrants that head their country.

What goes around, comes around.


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