Saturday, March 2, 2024

Letter to Editor


I watched "A Face In The Crowd" today, for the 8th or 9th time. At the end, Walter Matthau tells Patricia Neal, "Don't blame yourself, you were taken in, just like we all were." Anyone who doesn't see the correlation between Andy Griffith's character, and the "Draft Dodger In Chief", Donnie Trump, either doesn't want to or is not capable of independent thought! Now his own party is trying to get him to let the scientist give the Covid-19 report. Good luck with that! He is not capable of change. His Covid-19 daily report usually ends up with the President throwing a temper tantrum and walking away, "I'm the President, and you are Fake News", he says and ends the briefing. Now that's what I call Presidential. The only thing he hasn't done is stick out his tongue, giving the old raspberry! If he gets a second term, I'm sure he will. A short pause for the daily Covid briefing, which he said he wouldn't do and then, of course, flip flopped and decided to grace us with his presence. Pretty much the same old, same old. A parade of people telling Mr. Trump how great he is, followed by the head cheer-leader himself, Mr. Pence. Later, after "fact-checking", the President will say he was joking. He should leave sarcasm to the "Daily Show" or Steven Colbert.

Love & Peace,

Charlie Olinghouse



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