Sunday, February 25, 2024

Link Transit adjusts routes for Wenatchee Apple Blossom Parade

All Service is Now Zero-Fare


Link Transit routes will be altered on Saturday, May 6 to accommodate the Apple Blossom parade in Wenatchee. Schedules will be adhered to as closely as traffic conditions will allow. Routes have been adjusted to avoid the parade routes, but still allow riders to and from the main areas of activity as easily and conveniently as possible, without disrupting regular service to a great extent.

“Adjusting our service due to the parades is unavoidable, but we do everything possible to maintain the service for our regular riders, as well as make it convenient for those who may want to try our services during this time”, said Eric West, Marketing Coordinator. “We invite the entire community to consider transit as an option during Apple Blossom, whether it is to go to one of the parades or the food fair, or just to avoid traffic.”

Nearly every route have some changes for the two parade days. Any route that travels on Orondo Street, Wenatchee Avenue north of Kittitas Street, Chelan Street or Mission Street as far north as Ninth Street will have a re-route in effect. Many of these buses will use Worthen Steet, Riverside Drive and Piere Street to bypass the parade routes as far as Ninth Street. Route 5 will not operate either day but there will be a shuttle from Columbia Station to Memorial Park via Worthen and Chelan Streets.

Additionally, Routes 21 and 22 will travel from Columbia Station to Olds Station via Sunset Highway in East Wenatchee, and and will not serve any bus stops in the Olds Station area because of routing limitations due to road construction. Route 28 will serve Olds Station on both days. On May 6 re-reoutes will remain in effect for the entire day.

For more information on the changes to Link Transit service during Apple Blossom, call Guest Services at 509-662-1155 or go online to


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