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NCW Foundation for Youth thriving in Its new home


In 2001, the board of directors for the Credit Bureau of Wenatchee were in the process of closing the doors of their nonprofit and deciding what to do with their assets.  Per federal law, when nonprofits dissolve, their remaining assets must be used for charitable purposes. At the time, the board members saw a need in the community to support programs that provided direct support to youth. To that end, they formed the North Central Washington Foundation for Youth after the sale of the assets.

For the next 16 years, they volunteered their time to review applications from organizations that were directly benefitting youth in some way: providing uniforms for sports team, new instruments for music programs, or basic needs such as food, diapers, clothing, or other support for children. Their signature event became “Shop with a Cop,” whose aim was to help students in poverty purchase Christmas gifts for themselves and their family members with a local police officer.  The program continues to this day and has not only supported families during the holidays but has also nurtured a positive relationship between the police and communities they serve.

In 2017, there were only two original board members, Wayne Loranger of Premiere One and Alan Beidler of Sage Real Estate who were still active with the NCW Foundation for Youth and both were facing upcoming retirement.  There was still a considerable sum of money at the foundation, and they were intent to keep up the good work it was doing.

When Wayne Loranger called CFNCW in the summer of 2017 and asked if it could take on this program, the answer was an emphatic: “Absolutely! We can do it!”  CFNCW already managed several grant programs, had relationships with nonprofits throughout the region, and the request was completely inline with its mission to steward charitable funds in perpetuity. It was the perfect solution.

NCW Foundation for Youth transferred its remaining assets, $494,000 to CFNCW and retained the exact criteria for making grants to youth, in addition to funding Shop with a Cop each year.  Since that time, the fund has grown to over $568,000 all while making 70 grants to nonprofits totaling $94,125!

Every two months, a dedicated group of CFNCW Trustees reviews grant applications for the NCW Foundation for Youth fund and make several awards to support children in our valley. Their recommendations go to our full board at each meeting and it is one of the highlights of their gatherings.  “We know we are making some kids smile by awarding these grants. Sending them home for the weekend with extra food, helping them participate in sports program, or purchase an instrument so they can pursue their passion. It is an absolute privilege to award these grants,” attests CFNCW President, Mark Spurgeon.  “We thank Wayne Loranger and all those involved with the Credit Bureau of Wenatchee who had the foresight to establish this foundation.”

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