Wednesday, May 29, 2024

NCW Media Inc. completes sale of five local newspapers to Ward Media LLC


NCW Media Inc., a prominent media company in North Central Washington, has finalized the sale of its five well-established local newspapers to Ward Media LLC, owned by Terry Ward and Amy Yaley. The newspapers involved in the transaction include The Leavenworth Echo, Cashmere Valley Record, Lake Chelan Mirror, Quad City Herald, and the Wenatchee Business Journal.

The acquisition marks a strategic move for both companies, aligning with their shared commitment to quality journalism and community engagement. NCW Media Inc. has been a significant player in the regional media landscape for two decades, providing trusted news coverage and in-depth reporting on local events and issues. The sale of these newspapers to Ward Media LLC is seen as a step to ensure the continued vitality and growth of these publications.

"We are excited to entrust these cherished community newspapers to Ward Media LLC," said Carol Forhan, President of NCW Media. "Terry Ward and Amy Yaley have a proven track record of dedication to journalism and a strong understanding of the unique needs of local communities. We believe this transition will not only sustain the legacy of these newspapers but also enhance their future prospects."

Terry Ward and Amy Yaley, owners of Ward Media LLC, bring a wealth of experience in the media industry. Ward has held leadership positions in various media companies, focusing on bolstering community-centric journalism and providing local businesses with innovative marketing strategies. At the same time, Yaley has an extensive background in sales, marketing, events, and promotions.

"We are honored to take on the responsibility of carrying forward the journalistic tradition that these newspapers embody," Terry Ward stated. "We aim to maintain the high journalistic standards set by NCW Media and, simultaneously, explore innovative ways to engage with our readers and serve the local communities."

Amy Yaley added, "The nature of the media landscape requires an adaptable approach, and we are committed to staying ahead of the curve. By combining our expertise, we aim to deliver a seamless integration of traditional and digital media that caters to the evolving needs of our readers and advertisers alike."

As part of the transition, Ward Media intends to retain the existing staff members of the acquired newspapers, ensuring continuity in reporting and marketing expertise. Readers can expect to find the same credible news coverage that these newspapers have provided over the years.

NCW Media and Ward Media are committed to making the transition seamless for readers, advertisers, and staff.


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