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Okanogan & Douglas County Sheriff, Brewster Police Dept


Douglas County Sheriff’s Office



November 3

10:41 Agency Assist, SR 173 MP 2, Bridgeport

11:29 Fraud/ Forgery, 215 Cross St., Bridgeport Bar

12:40 Traffic Offense, 12th St. and Jefferson Ave., Bridgeport

18:13 Public Assist, 1400 Tacoma Ave., Bridgeport

20:31 Noise Complaint, 335 E. Railroad Ave., Mansfield


November 4

12:49 Noise Complaint, 335 E. Railroad Ave., Mansfield


November 5

No local reports.


November 6

07:15 Non-injury Accident, Rd. C NW and Rd. 15 NW, Mansfield

11:26 Civil Dispute, 575 Rd. 2 NW, Waterville

13:35 911-hangup call, 117 S. Chelan Ave., Waterville

15:02 Property, 1045 Rd. 3 NW, Waterville

16:56 Drugs, 1400 Tacoma Ave., Bridgeport

17:16 911-call, 303 E. Ash St., Waterville


November 7

05:39 Agency Assist, 13969 Hwy. 17, Bridgeport

11:26 Civil Dispute, 458 Ruud Canyon Rd., Waterville

12:36 CPS/ APS Referral, 102 S. Chelan Ave., Waterville

13:36 Warrant, 303 E. Ash St., Waterville

13:39 Traffic Offense, 385 Lakefront Dr., Orondo


November 8

10:56 Suspicious Circumstance, 0 block Pearl Hill Rd., Bridgeport

16:32 Public Assist, 228 Grange Rd., Bridgeport

21:13 Unknown-injury Accident, 2701 Rd. P NE, Mansfield

21:41 Agency Assist, 929 Maple St., Bridgeport


November 9

01:44 Alarm, 21318 US Hwy. 97, Orondo

04:25 Civil Dispute, 418 N. Columbia Ave., Waterville

09:04 Welfare Check, 327 S. Central Ave., Waterville

12:58 Public Assist, 412 N. Columbia Ave., Waterville

13:41 Trespassing, 320 S. Franklin Ave., Waterville

14:09 Stolen Recreational Vehicle, Barber Rd. and Monro Dr., Orondo

15:59 Court Order Violation, 2415 Foster Creek Ave., Bridgeport

18:32 Noise Complaint, 335 E. Railroad Ave., Mansfield





Brewster Police Department 



November 2

09:05 A hit-and-run accident was reported on S. 4th St. in Brewster.

11:24 A civil dispute was reported on W. Cliff Ave. in Brewster.


November 3

04:34 A vicious German Shepard dog was reported charging a caller when she leaves the house on S. Bridge St. and the caller advised she could not leave her house.

16:08 A hit-and-run accident was reported on Hwy. 97 in Brewster as the caller was exiting a parking lot a subject driving a black SUV hit the caller on the driver’s side, the male subject handed the caller $200 cash and left.

20:34 Two stray huskies were reported on Columbia Pl. in Brewster.

22:08 A suspicious circumstance was reported o Selkirk Pl. in Brewster.


November 4

19:41 A domestic dispute was reported on E. Jay Ave. and the caller advised there was a fight and they needed to go, then disconnected.


November 5

No local reports.


November 6

18:18 A caller on W. Indian Ave. requested a police report for a non-injury accident with a neighbor for insurance purposes.


November 7

11:16 A citizen assist was requested on Pharr Rd. when a caller reported a burglary where several items were stolen, among them a partial semi truck and flatbed trailer and advised they were contacted by a an unknown subject at a ranch wanting to get the title from him.

11:47 An elderly male subject was reported non-responsive and his lips were discolored, while sitting in a black Ford SUV.

20:44 Trespassing was reported on Old Hwy. 97 in Brewster for an unknown male subject on the caller’s property. Her husband had a rifle and the subject had been asked to leave. The male subject reportedly requested water or parents.


November 8

21:36 Trespassing was reported on S. 7th St. in Brewster when a young female subject was reported bugging a caller’s kids and they advised she was at the residence to stir the pot and threaten her kids.

22:31 An agency assist was requested for a minor female subject after having a child, and EMS requested the infant and mother be transported to Mid Valley Hospital.



Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office



November 3

12:33 Drugs were reported on Lakeshore Dr. in Pateros when a caller’s daughter that was playing on a jungle gym found an apple that had been turned into drug paraphernalia and the caller was concerned there may be other items in the near area.

15:12 A civil matter was reported on Monse Bridge Rd. in Brewster when subjects were reportedly squatting on a caller’s property and they requested a call for options.

15:49 A caller on Riverside Dr. in Pateros requested a call for options involving an auto carrier transporting vehicles that broke down and reportedly did not transfer new tires and rims to a new transport vehicle.

16:04 Two husky-type dogs were reported on a caller’s property on Brownlee Ln. in Pateros that killed their chickens and acted aggressively toward other dogs.

17:44 An ongoing problem was reported on Riverside Dr. involving two huskies running around the neighborhood.


November 4

09:35 A vicious animal was reported on Morning Star Way in Brewster.

19:41 An agency assist was requested on E. Jay Ave. and the caller advised there was a fight in progress then disconnected the line.


November 5 

10:34 A 911-hangup call was received from a caller on Old Hwy. 97 and it appeared to be a provider issue.


November 6

No local reports.


November 7

05:18 A burglary was reported on Hwy. 17 in Bridgeport and the caller advised there was a hispanic male subject outside the caller’s home trying to get into the house. They caught him trying to get into their bedroom window.

12:58 A civil matter was reported on Stennes Point Dr. in Pateros when a package was not delivered to the caller’s residence, it was wrapped in plastic and then thrown over the fence.

18:11 A citizen dispute was reported on North Star Rd. in Brewster when a caller reportedly yelled at a male subject sho then knocked her over, both parties were still at the location during the call.

18:22 A caller on W. Ives St. reported a male subject that wanted to keep fridges, washers and dryers in a garage and the caller wanted to make sure the appliances weren’t stolen.

20:44 Obstruction was reported on Old Hwy. 97 in Brewster regarding an unknown male subject on the caller’s property and her husband had a rifle, the subject was asked to leave.

20:57 A caller on Unger Rd. reported a suspicious vehicle driving by oddly slow headed eastbound.


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