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OKANOGAN & Douglas County SherifF, Brewster Police Dept September 1 - 7


Douglas County Sheriff’s Office

Sept. 1

14:18 Parking/ Abandoned Vehicle, 2430 Foster Creek Ave., Bridgeport

14:41 CPS/ APS Referral, 49 Skeels Rd., Orondo

18:10 Civil Dispute, 115 E. 2nd Ave., Mansfield

18:34 Harassment/ Threat, 929 Maple St., Bridgeport

18:40 Non-injury Accident, McNeil Canyon Rd. MP 4, Orondo

Sept. 2

11:44 Animal Problem, 408 SR 173, Bridgeport Bar

18:18 Traffic Offense, US Hwy. 2 MP 140, Orondo

19:51 Noise Complaint, 63 Washburn Ave., Bridgeport

Sept. 3

02:46 Weapons Violation, Fireman Park, Bridgeport

07:19 Non-injury Accident, 700 Fairview Ave., Bridgeport

15:29 Welfare Check, 115 E. 2nd Ave., Mansfield

15:35 Suspicious Circumstance, 12798 SR 17, Bridgeport

Sept. 4

14:40 Agency Assist, 210 W 3rd St., Waterville

18:10 Parking/ Abandoned Vehicle, 305 W. Central Ave., Waterville

Sept. 5

12:47 Non-injury Accident, 23459 US Hwy. 2, Beebe Bridge, Chelan

13:10 Theft, 102 E. Locust St., Waterville

14:27 Noise Complaint, 418 N. Columbia Ave., Waterville

16:17 Public Assist, 415 N. Jackson St., Waterville

18:28 Juvenile Problem, 228 Grange Rd., Bridgeport

21:12 Suspicious Circumstance, 36 Main St., Mansfield Hardware, Mansfield

Sept. 6

00:44 Traffic Offense, E. 2nd and Wall Avenues, Mansfield

08:10 Agency Assist, SR 173 and Galbraith Rd., Bridgeport

14:45 Traffic Offense, 1000 block 16th St., Bridgeport

15:36 Welfare Check, 102 Bluebird Ln., Waterville

16:17 Theft, 55 Reeds Way, Orondo

17:08 Fraud/ Forgery, 211 W. 2nd Ave., Mansfield

Sept. 7

00:48 Agency Assist, 417 W. Ash St., Waterville

18:39 Parking/ Abandoned Vehicle, SR 173 MP 10, Bridgeport Bar

21:53 Agency Assist, 196 Rd. 18 NE, Mansfield

Brewster Sheriff’s Department

Sept. 1

No local reports.

Sept. 2

17:13 An intoxicated male subject was reported in a hardware store on Hwy. 97 in Brewster.

Sept. 3

No local reports.

Sept. 4

10:50 A vehicle prowl was reported on S. 3rd St. in Brewster for a suspect attempting to enter a green Ford parked next to the police station.

13:12 A 911-hangup call was received from Grain Elevator Rd. in Brewster.

20:02 An agency assist was requested on Pioneer Rd. in Brewster for a caller’s brother that was intoxicated and hitting the mother, breaking things inside the residence and possibly carrying a knife.

Sept. 5

08:13 An abandoned vehicle was reported on E. Ferry Ave. and S. 3rd St. in Brewster.

15:27 A sick animal was reported on E. Douglas Ave. in Brewster.

18:43 An agency assist was requested on Grange Rd. in Brewster for a domestic dispute involving a 12-year-old that was out of control.

18:54 A vehicle was reported on E. Main Ave. in Brewster.

Sept. 6

08:05 An injury accident was reported on SR 173 in Brewster and the caller’s trailer was hit.

10:29 Theft was reported on S. Bridge St. in Brewster.

17:51 A citizen assist was reported on W. Cliff Ave. in Brewster for a transfer of children and there was an order.

Sept. 7

14:40 Stolen property was reported on E. Main Ave. in Brewster.

17:21 An order violation was reported on S. Bridge St.

Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office

Sept. 1

No local reports.

Sept. 2

08:14 A welfare check was requested on Coyote Ln. in Brewster when a caller had not heard from a subject since Tuesday when the caller text her, and advised the female had a history of abandoning her child with a male subject to do drugs.

16:11 An agency assist was requested on Hwy. 153 in Pateros for a 23-year-old male subject that crashed his motorcycle and was not wearing a helmet and hit his face into a bunch of rocks.

17:01 A caller reported neighbors shooting and they were worried about fires with the dry grass on Valley Rd. in Brewster.

Sept. 3

02:40 A caller on Monse Bridge Rd. in Brewster reported they had caught two vehicles at his residence possibly stealing items.

16:16 A caller on Alta Lake Rd. in Pateros called dispatch four times and hung up.

Sept. 4

08:54 A juvenile problem was reported on Otto Rd. in Pateros for an 11-year-old male subject that was hiking alone and called 911 after seeing fresh bear dung and heard rustling in the bushes. He was advised to go back to his cabin and not to hike alone.

13:12 A 911-hangup was received from Grain Elevator Rd. in Brewster.

20:02 A domestic dispute was reported on Pioneer Rd. in Brewster.

Sept. 5

20:23 A suspicious circumstance was reported on Hwy. 97 when a male subject arrived at a scrap yard with a 10”x10”x2’ piece that the caller believed it to be a grave marker.

Sept. 6

No local reports.

Sept. 7

14:35 A civil matter was reported on Stenos Point Dr. in Pateros when a caller’s neighbor reportedly cut an irrigation pipe which killed the caller’s trees. Caller advised he had an anti-harassment order against them.


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