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OKANOGAN & Douglas County SherifF, Brewster Police Dept September 14 - 21


Douglas County Sheriff’s Office

September 14

07:34 Alarm, 260 Vineyard Dr., Orondo

08:42 Public Assist, 700 Fairview Ave., Bridgeport

08:54 Alarm, 11 E. Shore St., Orondo

15:51 Juvenile Problem, 130 S. Mansfield Blvd., Mansfield

20:52 Traffic Offense, Pearl Hill Rd. and SR 17, Bridgeport

September 15

13:53 Parking/ Abandoned Vehicle, 117 S. Greene St., Waterville

19:05 Harassment/ Threat, 1031 Horizon View Dr.

22:47 Noise Complaint, 2000 Monroe Ave., Bridgeport

22:52 Suspicious Circumstance, 1275 Rd. 2, NW

23:04 Agency Assist, 200 S. Douglas Creek Rd., Waterville

September 16

09:21 Harassment/ Threat, 500 26th St., Bridgeport

13:36 Trespassing, 55 Washburn Ave., Bridgeport

15:16 Alarm, 526 11th St., Bridgeport

20:09 Traffic Offense, SR 17 MP 136, Bridgeport

22:03 Trespassing, 1544 Douglas Ave., Bridgeport

23:22 Noise Complaint, 408 Lake View Dr., Orondo

September 17

09:35 Suspicious Circumstance, 100 Rd. 15 NW, Mansfield

13:33 Suspicious Circumstance, 1507 Fairview Ave., Bridgeport

17:06 Public Assist, 3001 Rd. L NE, Bridgeport

20:09 Civil Dispute, 2008 Monroe Ave., Bridgeport

20:42 Suspicious Circumstance, 345 11th St., Bridgeport

September 18

12:56 Miscellaneous, 335 E. Railroad Ave., Mansfield

13:34 Suspicious Circumstance, 1828 Tacoma Ave., Bridgeport

13:49 Parking/ Abandoned Vehicle, 1 Riggs Rd., Bridgeport Bar

13:53 Parking/ Abandoned Vehicle, 117 N Greene St., Waterville

18:00 Domestic Disturbance, 340 Rd. 14 NE, Mansfield

19:14 Welfare Check, 1106 Columbia Ave., Bridgeport

September 19

08:03 Suspicious Circumstance, W. Ash and N. Warren Streets, Waterville

08:12 Juvenile Problem, 45 McCormack St., Bridgeport

09:09 Public Assist, 302 S. Central Ave., Waterville

12:15 Domestic Disturbance, 700 Fairview Ave., Bridgeport

13:32 Animal Problem, 1709 Raymond Ave., Bridgeport

15:19 Court Order Violation, 309 S. Central Ave., Waterville

19:02 Attempt to Locate/ Contact, 340 Rd. 14 NE, Mansfield

19:46 Traffic Offense, 105 W. Poplar St., Waterville

20:23 Civil Dispute, 800 E. Locust St., Waterville

22:06 Traffic Offense, SR 17 MP 136, Bridgeport

September 20

08:29 Agency Assist, SR 173 MP 5, Bridgeport Bar

08:42 Alarm, 87 N. Shore Dr., Orondo

09:23 Scam, 420 S. Central Ave., Waterville

09:47 Welfare Check, 211 S. Central Ave., Waterville

19:42 Juvenile Problem, 400 E. Poplar St., Waterville

September 21

16:11 Traffic Offense, 0 block Skeels Rd., Orondo

16:37 Civil Dispute, 180 Beach Dr., Orondo

Brewster Sheriff’s Department

September 14

16:16 A disorderly female subject was reported yelling and screaming on Hwy. 97 near a dumpster, reportedly intoxicated or high and the caller requested her be removed. The subject was given a courtesy ride.

September 16

08:52 A medical call was received on S. 6th St. and W. Indian Ave. for a male subject that fell in the bathroom and struck his head.

September 17

09:55 A white male suspect in his 20s reportedly stole items from a location on Hwy. 97 and had been panhandling and grabbing himself in the parking lot.

10:30 A vehicle was reported broken into on S. Bridge St.

20:34 A caller reported a suspicious circumstance when they could see someone up at the Pateros cross and could see sparks and a flashlight.

September 18

09:16 A 911-hangup call was received from W. Main Ave. and a female stated it was a misdial.

09:31 A suspicious male subject was reported prowling around a caller’s vehicle on E. Douglas the night prior.

17:53 A non-injury accident was reported on Monse River Rd. between a vehicle and a four-wheeler.

September 19

14:46 A welfare check was requested for a male subject sitting on top of the railroad tracks on the overpass.

16:47 A parking problem was reported on S. 3rd St. in Brewster.

September 20

09:19 An 81-year-old male subject fell on the sidewalk on Hospital Way and was reported bleeding from his head but was conscious and alert.

13:37 An unconscious person was reported on Sunrise Way in Brewster for a 75-year-old male subject with labored breathing.

18:46 A hit-and-run was reported on W. Cliff Ave. and S. 7th St. when a caller’s black 2018 Chevy Traverse was side-swiped sometime during the volleyball game.

Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office

September 14

15:34 An injury accident was reported on Old Hwy. 97.

September 15

08:27 A caller on Dawson St. in Pateros reported their 9mm got runover by a vehicle and it would not fire, the caller requested information on how to dispose of it.

September 16

08:51 A noise complaint was reported on N. Chris St. in Pateros for subjects in a short-term rental unit.

09:31 A caller on Lakeshore Dr. in Pateros reported an ongoing situation where a male subject was following them to the gas station and other locations.

13:25 A caller on Starr Rd. in Pateros reported being harassed and treated by a subject.

21:30 A coyote was reportedly struck by a vehicle on Old Hwy. 97, but was still alive.

September 17

11:20 A motorcycle collision was reported on Hwy. 153 in Pateros and it appeared the subject struck the guard rail and there were injuries reported.

September 18

17:53 A subject driving a four-wheeler and a subject in a vehicle were involved in an accident on Monse River Rd. in Brewster, no injuries were reported.

23:26 A caller on Hwy. 97 reported a vehicle traveling at excessive speeds at 102 mph and wanted to file a reckless driving complaint, the subject received a transgression for driving without identification and was waiting for a driver to come get the vehicle.

September 19

08:50 An animal problem was reported on Beach and North Streets in Pateros for a German Shepard chasing vehicles and children going to school, acting aggressively and barking.

September 20

23:57 A subject was cited for driving with a suspended license on Hwy. 97 in Pate


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